10 most searched K-drama actresses on Google Korea of 2022  

Which K-drama actresses attracted the most attention during the first 4 months of 2022?

10. Kim Da Mi 

In the January K-drama “Our Beloved Summer”, actress Kim Da Mi has completely transformed compared to her previous role in “Itaewon Class”. She has shedded away the girlboss Yi Seo to become a sweet and talented Yeon Soo that totally swooned the audience’s heart. 

Kim Da Mi

9. Yoona 

Yoona of SNSD is among the most well-recognized idol-actress, having achieved success on both the big and small screen. Not failing her determination and effort, Yoona has recently earned a nomination for the Best Actress in Film at the prestigious Baeksang Arts Award. Hopefully, her upcoming K-drama project “Big Mouth”, where she co-star with Lee Jong Suk, will achieve great heights as well.


8. Song Hye Kyo

Coming in 8th place is none other than the ageless beauty Song Hye Kyo. While the actress is still as famous as ever, her newest project “Now We Are Breaking Up” didn’t do quite well, resulting in low search results. Currently, the actress is preparing for her next K-drama “The Glory”, alongside actor Lee Do Hyun, and will bring to the scene a complete transformation in terms of image. 

Song Hye Kyo

7. Suzy

Suzy’s last appearance on the small screen was on the 2020 series “Start Up”. Currently, the idol-actress is in the process of releasing a new musical product, and her upcoming drama “The Second Anna” is highly-anticipated. With her massive popularity and presence in the public’s eyes, Suzy is not leaving the chart any time soon, despite her lack of appearance. 


6. Park Shin Hye

2021 was not a good year for the career of famous actress Park Shin Hye, as her high-anticipated “Sisyphus: The Myth” ended up disappointing. However, Shin Hye’s personal life has been on a high, and the actress married her long-term boyfriend Choi Tae Joon in early 2022. She is also expecting a child soon, and all of these events have boosted Shin Hye to position number 6. 

Park Shin-hye

5. Han So Hee

Despite having less experience than others on the list, Han So Hee never hesitates to explore new images and roles. The actress is constantly improving herself, and has recently been nominated for Best Actress in Drama at Baeksang Arts Award, after her excellent performance in the Netflix series “My Name”.  As the 5th actress on the list, Han So Hee’s prospects for the future are simply endless. 

Han So-hee-Soundtrack #1

4. Kim Tae Ri

Making a small screen comeback after 4 years in Twenty Five, Twenty One, Kim Tae Ri once again proved herself to be one of the top actresses of the new generation with her lovely beauty and great acting. Although she is 32 in real life, Kim Tae Ri perfectly pulled off the role of a highschool student. With the success of Twenty Five, Twenty One and the role of Na Hee Do, Kim Tae Ri easily became one of the most buzzworthy actors in the first quarter of 2022. Therefore, it came as no surprise as she is also the 4th most-searched actress on Google Korea.  

Kim Tae-ri

3. Kim Sejeong

Another actress that generated much buzz within the first months of 2022 is none other than Kim Sejeong, who delivered a viral portrayal of the female lead in Business Proposal. Starting out as an idol, Kim Sejeong has step by step affirmed her acting talent. Business Proposal marks a turning point in Kim Sejeong’s career as it helped her boost popularity as an actress by a significant amount. With her natural acting and lovable on-screen charm, Kim Sejeong promises to gain even more success in her future dramas. 

Kim Se-jeong

2. Son Ye Jin

It would be weird if the “nation’s first love” Son Ye Jin did not make it into the top of this ranking given how she made headlines everywhere in the first months of 2022. Besides returning to the small screen in Thirty Nine, a melodrama with good ratings and positive reviews, Son Ye Jin and her husband Hyun Bin also took social media by storm with their fairytale “wedding of the century” at the end of March. 

Son Ye-jin

1. IU

The most searched actress on Google Korea in the first 4 months of 2022 is IU/Lee Ji Eun. After Hotel Del Luna in 2019, IU has not appeared in any new work but she has been busy filming for two movies that will hit the theaters soon. She was cast alongside famous actors such as Park Seo Joon in Dream, Kang Dong Won and Song Kang Ho in Broker. IU is successful not only as a singer-songwriter but also as an actress with an outstandingly high public recognition in Korea. So her surpassing all other actresses to land at No.1 on this ranking is predictable. 

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