Choi Ji-woo, affair → breakup news broke out… The public’s interest in her husband is hot

There is a lot of interest in actress Choi Ji-woo as well as her husband.

Recently, keywords such as “breakup”, “divorce” and “retirement” are popping up in articles related to Choi Ji-woo. This is because Choi Ji-woo is currently making a special appearance as Eun Si-woo in tvN’s Friday-Saturday drama “Sh**ting Stars”. Eun Si-woo (played by Choi Ji-woo) is a representative actress of her time who was loved nationwide throughout the 90s. She suddenly retired from the entertainment industry and left for France, but is still a high-profile figure in the Korean entertainment industry.

Above all, top star Gong Tae-sung (played by Kim Young-dae), who saw an article that Eun Si-woo broke up with the French legendary director, was greatly shaken and panicked, raising questions about their past relationship. Episode 6 of “Sh**ting Stars”, which is scheduled to air on May 7th, will show Eun Si-woo secretly returning to Korea. Attention is focused on how Eun Si-woo‘s full-fledged appearance will affect Gong Tae-sung and members of Star Force Entertainment.

In fact, Choi Ji-woo made headlines on the day of her wedding (March 29th, 2018) by announcing the marriage news in a handwritten letter. She apologized for not informing fans in advance and explained that she was cautious because her husband and his family were not public figures. Choi Ji-woo’s surprise marriage became a big issue not only in Korea but also in Japan and China.

Choi Ji woo

Choi Ji-woo tried to protect information about her husband, but the following year, an article by a media outlet revealed her husband’s age, job and change of name. In the end, Choi Ji-woo‘s agency YG Entertainment said, Choi Ji-woo’s husband is 9 years younger than her and is the CEO of a company for an application based on an O2O platform. The reason why her husband’s identity wasn’t revealed is because the judgment was made that it could be a burden to each other if it causes preconceptions in business or other matters.”

However, the YouTube channel “Hoverlab”, which exposed Han Ye-seul last year, suddenly changed its target to Choi Ji-woo and raised rumors of her husband’s extramarital affairs without evidence. They even released a photo of Choi Ji-woo‘s husband, saying he was a host of an adult entertainment establishment. They went on to say that her husband was caught entering a motel in the car bought by Choi Ji-woo.

Choi Ji woo

Choi Ji-woo, who had her first daughter after 2 years of marriage and was sharing her happy daily life through SNS, was in a situation where an unexpected spark broke out. The public criticized Hoverlab’s “crossing the line” behavior of disclosing her husband’s identity without consent. Choi Ji-woo also ignored their revelations by not responding.

Choi Ji-woo, who returned to entertainment shows after giving birth through JTBC’s “Bistro Shigor”, showed her affection for her family, such as cryingly saying “I want to see my daughter” when she saw the first birthday of a baby customer while operating the restaurant.

Choi Ji Woo

Choi Ji-woo signaled a return to dramas as well as variety shows. After the special appearance in the drama “Crash Landing on You”, her appearance on the small screen after a long time in “Sh**ting Stars” is drawing attention even for a short broadcast footage amount. Expectations are high for Choi Ji-woo, who returned to her role as a top star.

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