10 Kpop idols with the ideal face shape that can handle any hairstyle according to the experts’ choice

These are 10 Kpop idols whose face shapes are suitable for all hairstyles as selected by Korean hairstylists.

For any Kpop idol, changing their hairstyle more or less will affect their visuals. There are hairstyles that make them stand out in terms of beauty, but there are times when they will be “sink” a bit by hairstyles that are too picky on their faces. However, there are K-pop idols who look so pretty no matter what hairstyle they wear, and even fans have a hard time choosing the best hairstyle they’ve ever had. And especially, it seems that these idols all have one thing in common in terms of face shape type.

Idols with Ideal Face Shape

In a recent video by hairstylist Park Naeju, he shared about hairstyles that suit each face type. According to Park Naeju’s analysis, among the face types, the egg shape is the most suitable for all hairstyles.

He shared: ‘This face shape is ideal because any hairstyle will make you look better. And if you think about it, there are a lot of handsome and pretty people with this type of face.’ When describing, hairstylist Park Naeju also gave some good examples of this face in Kpop idols such as YoonA (SNSD), Jin (BTS) and Karina (aespa).

Idols with Ideal Face Shape

The characteristics of an egg-shaped face include a forehead wider than the chin, gentle curves from top to bottom, and a length longer than wide. The name of this face type comes from looking at the shape like an upside-down egg.

Here are 10 typical Kpop idols with an egg-shaped faces that can handle any hairstyle:

Yoona (SNSD)


Baekhyun (EXO)

Idols with Ideal Face Shape

Mina (TWICE)

Idols with Ideal Face Shape



Irene (Red Velvet)

Idols with Ideal Face Shape

Jin (BTS)

Idols with Ideal Face Shape

Taeyong (NCT)


Lia (ITZY)

Idols with Ideal Face Shape

Soobin (TXT)

Idols with Ideal Face Shape

Karina (aespa)


Do you know any Kpop idols who have egg-shaped faces and can handle any hairstyle? Please share your opinion.

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