Yuehua Entertainment announces the positions of TEMPEST members

Yuehua Entertainment recently revealed the positions of 7 members of their new boygroup Tempest.

Tempest is one of the most anticipated KPOP boy groups that are about to debut this year. The boy group will debut under Yuehua Entertainment, the management company of girl group Everglow. Yuehua has recently announced information and debut positions of Tempest members ahead of their debut.

Tempest is a multinational boy group consisting of 7 members. Vietnamese member Hanbin (Ngo Ngoc Hung) will take on the dance and vocal positions. Many netizens have already predicted this as he also showed his stable dancing and singing skills through various pre-debut videos.

TEMPEST members
Vietnamese fans raised high expectations for Hanbin’s debut

Born in 1999, Ahn Hyungseob is another member with the same position. He has already been widely known by the public after competing in “Produce 101”. Participating in the same survival show, Lee Euiwoong (LEW) is appointed as the leader of the group. In addition, LEW is also a rapper and vocalist.

TEMPEST members
Hyungseob owns an energetic and youthful visual
TEMPEST members
LEW will be Tempest’s leader

Meanwhile, the main vocal position of the group belongs to Koo Bon Hyuk, born in 2000. The male idol has passed the auditions of many companies such as JYP Entertainment, FNC Entertainment and Big Hit. In fact, Hyuk is still not well known to many audiences, but in the main vocal position, many netizens think that he must have good vocal skills.

TEMPEST members
He has a cool vibe

Hwarang was born in 2001, whose real name is Song Jae Won, will take on the position of rapper and dancer. In the same year of birth as Hwarang is Eunchan (real name Choi Byeong Seop), holding the vocal position. The youngest member of the group – Taerae (real name Kim Tae Rae) is a rapper and was born in 2002.

Looking at the above information, many viewers wondered about the group’s lineup. Because, if they debut under these positions, Tempest will not have the position of main rapper and visual.

TEMPEST members
Hwarang participated in “Under Nineteen” in 2018 as a trainee of DSP Media.
TEMPEST members
Eunchan was born and raised in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
TEMPEST members
The group’s maknae just turned 20 years old this year.

The public is quite satisfied with Tempest’s line-up. In terms of skills, the group has outstanding members in each field. It is expected that the members will show their talents through the group’s first music product.

TEMPEST members
The audience looks forward to the group’s debut.

For Vietnamese fans, Hanbin is the member that receives the most attention. Although he is not taking the key position in Tempest, fans are still satisfied with the male idol. Recently, Hanbin’s popularity in the fan community has been increasing. He was also praised for his appearance and performance skills.

In response to the public’s love, the male idol expressed his gratitude many times. Recently, Hanbin even wrote a handwritten letter to thank fans and wish them a happy new year. He confessed, “Thanks to everyone, I’ve gained a lot of strength over the past time. Thank you so much for waiting for me. Let’s create happy and joyful days together from now on. I love you.”

Although Tempest has not yet begun to release its debut MV, it is still a remarkable boygroup in the K-pop market. Specifically, after the member lineup was announced, the group’s YouTube channel reached 100,000 subscribers within 6 days, which is eligible to receive the silver button. The dance cover video “Kick It” (NCT 127) also recorded more than 522,000 views after nearly 24 hours.

The above-mentioned figures showed Tempest’s certain influence. Netizens expect it to become Yuehua Entertainment’s popular boy group in the future.

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