IVE Leeseo Dances Through Her Injury in the Pouring Rain

Despite the pouring rain, IVE's youngest member, Leeseo, kept dancing for fans and even shed blood on stage.

On April 30th, IVE participated in the opening ceremony of ‘Seoul Festa 2023’ at Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul.

Despite the heavy rain that day, IVE continued with their performance of the latest hit song “I AM.”

During the performance in the rain, Leeseo, wearing a short skirt, tried to do a choreography move that involved sweeping the floor with her knees, but the members opposed it.


However, Leeseo knelt down and completed the choreography, ultimately causing concern as she started bleeding. 

Leeseo and other IVE members continued to perform on stage, despite their outfits getting completely soaked, showing off their professionalism and receiving praise.

Many who saw IVE’s performance expressed concerns, such as “I hope Leeseo’s injury is treated well” and “Her knee must have hurt a lot.

IVE received much love for their first full album “I’ve IVE”. IVE has won a total of nine music show awards for both “Kitsch” and “I AM.”

Source: insight

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