Youtuber Kim Yong Ho, who exposed celebrities’ scandals, announced the suspension of his Youtube activities

Youtuber Kim Yong Ho who made videos suspecting the private life of celebrities, including actress Han Ye Seul and comedian Park Soo Hong, has declared a permanent suspension of his Youtube activities.

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On August 27, Kim Yong Ho wrote on his Youtube channel “Entertainment Director Kim Yong Ho”: “After I attacked others and called them monsters, I realized that there was also a monster in me. Therefore, I think I should stop before things get worse. Until I gain back my confidence, I don’t think I can make videos anymore.”

Referring to the celebrities whom he made the videos of, he said, “I think I was too immersed in stabbing others with a knife. I think I had stained the knife with too much blood and received too many criticisms.”

He added, “At first, I started everything alone, so I thought I could make harsh statements. After that, everything went out of control, and many people sued me. I attended many trials, and the court told me that I had crossed the line.”

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Previously, Kim Yong Ho was brought to trial and charged with defamation and raising rumors about ‘actress sponsorship’. In addition, he was also accused of exposing the private life of celebrities, including Han Ye Seul, Park Soo Hong, Park Yoo Chun, Lee Geun, etc.

Kim Yong Ho has become a hot topic and is known as “The Youtuber who reveals everything”. It is because he made videos to reveal the love life of Han Ye Seul and Park Soo Hong’s dating violence scandal. He also made videos to discuss Park Yoo Chun’s private life and suspected that he had sex with fans. However, a video showing him abused staff at a bar with bad language was released, getting him embroiled in controversies, and many people have criticized him.

He apologized, “Looking at my embarrassing behaviors, I have spent time to reflect on myself. For whatever the reason is, I’m sorry.”. He cried and thanked the former MBC reporter Kim Se, who created the Youtube channel “가로세로연구소” with him.

Kim Yong Ho used to be an entertainment reporter, and his individual Youtube channel has been subscribed by 665,000 people.

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