Young & Rich Jeon Somi enjoys shopping spree in Milan “I’m such a hustler, my heart is on fire right now”

Jeon Somi enjoyed a shopping spree

On December 15th, a video titled “SOM-THING EP.11, MILAN V-log” was posted on the channel “JEON SOMI”.

This video showed Jeon Somi attending the Prada show in Milan. After fulfilling her busy schedule, she indulged in some shopping at the store.

Jeon Somi moved around to purchase dishes and showcased her filial side by choosing a hat for her dad and gloves for her mom.

Enjoying her shopping spree, she happily praised herself “I’m such a hustler” while looking at the lookbook shown by a shop employee who recognized her.

Jeon Somi expressed happiness as she purchased the two dishes she had her eyes on. While admiring cutting boards, she exclaimed “Isn’t this cutting board so beautiful? How is this a cutting board? My heart is on fire right now. This has a lot of merits because these kitchen items are only available here and in Rome. So I like these more than the clothes“, thoroughly enjoying her shopping experience.

Source: Nate

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