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Yoo-jung, “I dated my first love, who I met in 12th grade, for 5 years, I would have married him without looking back”

Brave Girls Yoo-jung brought up a dim memory of her first love.

KBS 2TV’s “Love Recall” that aired on August 22nd showed Brave Girls Yoo-jung participating as a recall planner, and talked about topics related to ‘first love’.

While talking about her first love, Yoo-jung said, “My first love is someone I’m still curious about even now. When I suddenly thought of him, I thought, ‘I hope he is doing well.”

brave girls Yoo jung

Yoo-jung then said, “We met when we were in our third year of high school and met until we were 24 years old,” and MC Sung Yu-ri was surprised and admired, “He is really your first love.”

“We’ve even broken up and made up, now he’s married,” she shared, making Sung Yu-ri, Jang Young-ran, Gree, and Son Dong-woon feel sorry for her.

Yoo-jung then said, “But I felt happy when I heard about his wedding. He’s a nice guy who is well fitting for the role of a husband,” and when Jang Young-ran said, “But wouldn’t it be better if he marry you, Yoo-jung?” she calmly said, “Love seems to be about the timing.”

brave girls Yoo jung

She also added, “I think it’s my timing. If I had met him now, I would have married him without looking back. I was too young at the time,” and the cast members all said, “Love seems to be about the right timing. Still, I think he was a really good person to be able to receive her blessing like this,” they said in sympathy with Yoo-jung.

Source: Nate

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