Yoo Ah In came to the police station but returned home, full situation revealed

Actor Yoo Ah In (Uhm Hong Sik), who is accused of using drugs, confessed the circumstances of his sudden return home after attending the second police investigation.

Yoo Ah In‘s legal representative expressed regret to the police for violating the principle of private summons.


On the afternoon of May 11th, law firm Infinity, Yoo Ah In’s legal representative, made an official statement and explained the controversy over the “police investigation no-show” earlier in the day.

In particular, Yoo Ah In’s legal representative said, “Last week, Yoo Ah In was notified of a request from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s drug crime investigation unit to appear at the police station at 10 AM today. We requested a private summons based on the Rules on Public Information of Police Investigation Cases, and the police agreed.”


They explained, “However, on May 10th, the day before the investigation, there was a report to the effect that ‘Yoo Ah In is expected to be investigated by the police the next day’. We asked the police whether the attendance schedule was disclosed, but the police expressed their position, ‘We have never disclosed the attendance date. We plan to proceed privately according to the principle, so please attend as it is.’

They continued, “Yoo Ah In tried to attend as scheduled, believing that the principle of non-disclosure would be applied as confirmed by the police, but it was clear that the attendance schedule was made public. Even though the attendance schedule was already revealed, Yoo Ah In wanted to participate in the investigation and asked the police to take possible measures, such as entering and exiting through a different route in accordance with the principle of private summons, but it was not accepted.”


They added, “Although the circumstances are unknown, the additional consultation process between the police and lawyers was reported in real time, and distorted articles were reported as if Yoo Ah In refused to attend because of reporters (gathering in front of the police station).

Yoo Ah In’s legal representative blamed the police for the incident. They said, “The police’s summons this time actually became a public summons. We asked the police to discuss the change of the attendance date.

They then expressed regret, “In the summoning process last March, a private summons also became a public summons, and we once protested to the police. We are deeply concerned as such a situation occurred again during the summoning process this time.”


They shared, “Yoo Ah In will faithfully undergo the investigation in response to the police’s request to appear at the police station in the future.”

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s drug crime investigation unit planned to summon Yoo Ah In as a suspect in violation of the Narcotics Control Act to investigate the type and number of drugs used, the purchasing route as well as whether there were accomplices.

Yoo Ah In arrived near the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Mapo building before the scheduled time of the investigation, but suddenly turned around and returned home. The reason for this was not clearly known, leading to the actor being embroiled in a “no-show” controversy.

Source: Wikitree

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