Yang Hyung-wook reveals his identity to Lee Jong-suk… “I’ll find the person who killed my daughter”

Yang Hyung-wook of “Big Mouth” revealed his identity to Lee Jong-suk.

In MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouth“, which aired on Sep 3rd, Noh Park (played by Yang Hyung-wook) revealed that he is Big Mouse.

Noh Park appeared in front of Park Chang-ho (played by Lee Jong-suk), who was waiting for Big Mouse. Park Chang-ho said, “You’re Big Mouse?” He added, “I clearly warned you. If you intend to deceive me again this time…”

Noh Park revealed his identity, “I’m the only one who can deal with you. I thought that Director Park would be able to handle you, but I came up with a conclusion after seeing you completely deceive him. If it’s not time for a drink, you won’t get a chance to face me again.

Park Chang-ho asked, “Why me? When and where did you plan it?”. Noh Park replied, “The first time you got tangled up with Choi Do-ha had no relation to me. But you were the one who messed up with them. Since then, you were destined to die anyway. There was a man who had to save you. His decision to save you was to make you become Big Mouse.”

Noh Park added, “At first, I was going to use you as my shadow then throw you away, but at some point, the initiative of the game changed then you grabbed my collar and pulled me out”. When Park Chang-ho asked for the reason why he was so obsessed with the thesis, Noh Park angrily said, “I need to find the culprit who killed my daughter. I’ll find him and engrave it in his bones. How dare he touch my daughter?”. In response, Park Chang-ho said, “Why did you make things more complicated like that? I’d rather leave the evidence to the law to collect.”

Upon hearing this, Noh Park got furious and threw away the cup he was holding. He explained, “Flowers seen from afar are always beautiful. If you go up, you’ll see it blooming on the edge of the cliff. The moment you grab the flowers to save your life, you will fall off the cliff and die. That’s the evil flowers planted by powerful guys. That’s the law. I’ll pay back the fear my daughter must have felt with something thousand times more painful. What makes the world that those guys created a living hell is justice.”

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