Yang Hyun-seok said: “Seungri went home before the incident and the drug rumors are unfounded”

Yang Hyun-seok, the head of YG Entertainment, recently explained the controversy surrounding the “Burning Sun Club”.

Yang Hyun-seok said in a press release on the 31st, “I wanted to quickly confirm and answer the rumors about Seungri’s club from the beginning. But as the personal business of the singers is carried out independently of YG, it was difficult for YG to come forward and announce its official position as well as to confirm the fact.

Because I’ve never been to the club before, and there was no way to ask or confirm who is the people in charge of the club and who were involved in the incident,” he said. “The only person who I can ask about the incident in detail is Seungri. I confirm that Seungri, on November 24 was at the site until 3 a.m, and the incident happened after 6 a.m.

The reason why Seungri who had been registered as the director of the club resigned recently, is to abide by the law regarding the military service as the time when Seungri has to enlist is just around March or April. Therefore, Seungri was confirmed to be in the process of resigning from the company’s board of directors as well as the club’s“, he continued.

I’m sorry that I didn’t make a good New Year’s greeting, and I’ll come back soon with the announcement of BLACK PINK’s new song, the criteria for the selection and debut plan of YG’s Treasure Box, and the joyful news of other YG’s singers such as WINNER and iKON“, Yang CEO added at the end.

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