World-acclaimed composer Ryuichi Sakamoto praises BTS’s Suga, “A good young man with zero arrogance“

Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, the master of film music, is impressed by BTS’s Suga.

In the recent publication of Japanese historical literary magazine Shincho, composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, who is battling stage 4 cancer, mentioned BTS’s Suga in his autobiography titled, “‘How many full moons will I see in the future?” 

Ryuichi Sakamoto talked about Suga in the final episode of the autobiography. He said, “I met BTS member Suga when he visited Japan at the end of September. He is a top idol, but when we talk, he is a young man who is not at all arrogant and is very serious about music. He always thinks of music to the extent that it makes me wonder if he has any other hobbies.”

BTS Suga

Ryuichi Sakamoto continued, “I learned that he became interested in music when he was 12 years old after watching ‘The Last Emperor’ at the theater with his parents. That’s why he hoped to meet me.” Ryuichi Sakamoto was the music director for the movie “The Last Emperor”.

Sakamoto added, “Basically, we had a private chat, but a documentary staff following Suga was filming us with a camera, so a video may come out someday.”

Sakamoto was first diagnosed with throat cancer in 2014 and announced the news of his complete recovery in the same year. However, he was diagnosed with rectal cancer last year and is battling the disease. On December 11, 2022, he held an online concert and said, “This might be my last concert.”

Sakamoto made his debut with the album “Thousand Knives” (1978) and became the first Asian to win an Academy Award and a Grammy Award for composing music for the film “The Last Emperor” (1987).

On January 17th, Ryuichi Sakamoto’s new album “12” will be released. It contains 12 songs he composed while fighting cancer.

Netizens left comments, “This is a historic meeting”, “I will wait for January 17th with Suga”, “This is touching and exciting at the same time”, “I wish there was a collaboration”.

Source: Naver. 

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