WINNER Lee Seunghoon shares photos taken with BLACKPINK Lisa, showing YG familyhood

Lisa has a close relationship with Winner member

Lee Seunghoon posted a picture on his Instagram on the 17th, saying, “Happy concert practice by Lisa.”


In the photo, Lee Seunghoon and Lisa, a member of Blackpink, are having a good time together. The two idols show off their “sibling” chemistry while taking a selfie. Lee Seung-hoon smiles brightly with closed eyes while Lisa shows a charming expression with her lips sticking out.

In addition, Seunghoon posted other humorous images taken by Lisa such as using dumbbells as a microphone stand, and drawing laughter.

Seunghoon and Lisa have a close relationship. Before that, Seunghoon once attracted great attention by publishing videos of him and Lisa dancing together.

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