Will Seo Ye-ji’s revenge fail when facing 3 crises? Viewers argue about Eve’s ending

Viewers are arguing about the ending of “Eve”.

tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Eve” (directed by Park Bong-seop/written by Yoon Young-mi) is developing unpredictably as the episodes go on. In particular, in the previous episode, Lee La-el (Seo Ye-ji) put the brakes on her revenge move, making viewers sweat. The crises in front of her were revealed on July 11th.


The first crisis is that she was caught entering Yoon-gyeom (Park Byung-eun)’s secret safe. La-el watched for an opportunity to access Yoon-gyeom’s secret safe in order to secure the original contract that handed over her father’s company Jedix to LY Group. Later, La-el entered the secret safe while no one was present and checked the original contract, but was soon discovered by Yoon-gyeom. Yoon-gyeom said “Don’t make me look for an answer to my discomfort“, showing his coldness towards La-el and adding tension.


The second crisis is that Yoon-gyeom and So-ra (Yoo Sun) discovered the identity of “Lee La-el“. La-el planned revenge and approached the two under the name of Kim Sun-bin rather than “Lee La-el”. However, So-ra found out La-el’s real name while investigating her identity. So-ra went to La-el and Yoon-gyeom’s dinner table and revealed La-el’s identity by showing La-el’s high school admission photo she had obtained. At the end of the previous episode, the appearance of So-ra smiling like a winner and Yoon-gyeom sending a sharp gaze to La-el increased viewers’ immersion level.


The final crisis is that her revenge partner Jang Moon-hee (Lee Il-hwa) was kidnapped by So-ra. Jang Moon-hee is the mother of a researcher who lost her life while whistle-blowing in the past. She has been designing revenge by forming a fake mother-daughter relationship with La-el to get revenge on LY Group. In particular, in the previous episode, Jang Moon-hee came to the forefront as a representative of LY Group Victim Solidarity and drew attention by announcing the start of a full-fledged lawsuit. So-ra found out Jang Moon-hee’s identity while investigating La-el’s identity, and gave viewers a shock by kidnapping Jang Moon-hee. This raises curiosity about what variables Jang Moon-hee’s abduction will bring to La-el’s revenge move.


As such, La-el faced crises while launching an all-round attack against revenge targets such as So-ra and Han Pan-ro. Attention is being paid to whether La-el will be able to overcome all her crises and how she will take revenge.


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