Why Joo Ji Hoon felt burdened while filming “Ransomed” with Ha Jung Woo

Actor Joo Ji Hoon disclosed his worries and burdens while filming “Ransomed” at a recent press screening event. 

On the afternoon of the 13th, a press screening of the Korean film “Ransomed” was held at Megabox COEX in Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Here, Director Kim Sung Hoon, alongside leading actors Ha Jung Woo and Joo Ji Hoon, attended the event and discussed the movie.

“Ransomed” is an action film that depicts the story of diplomat Min Joon (played by Ha Jung Woo), who travels to Lebanon to rescue his missing colleague, and local taxi driver Pan Soo (played by Joo Ji Hoon).

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In the film, Ha Jung Woo portrays Min Joon, who is chased by airport security as soon as he arrives in Lebanon. Meanwhile, Joo Ji Hoon plays Pan Soo, a taxi driver and swindler who finds Min Joon annoying but ends up accompanying him. Together, they overcome unexpected obstacles to rescue the kidnapped diplomat.

Joo Ji Hoon’s character in the film is known to involve more reactions than actions, and he expressed that he had a fun time filming as he played around with the director and Ha Jung Woo. The actor reminisced about the filming period, saying, “It was difficult, but it was more exciting than exhausting, so it felt like I had a picnic-like memory with my friend.”

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Since Joo Ji Hoon played the role of a taxi driver, he also mentioned the challenges of prioritizing safety. “As a taxi driver, I was responsible for driving, but there were many unpaved roads, and the traffic was heavy. Driving was not easy”, the actor revealed. 

He further shared his concerns and expressed, “It wasn’t as intense as ‘Fast & Furious,’ and everyone paid attention to safety, but I’m not an AI, and I can make mistakes. I felt a lot of pressure because I had to drive with Ha Jung Woo and the director on board.”

On the other hand, the film “Ransomed” will be released in Korea from August 2nd. 

Source: Wikitree

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