Why is TWICE famous for their teamwork?

TWICE has one of the best teamwork among Kpop groups. 

Teamwork is one of the most important skills that Kpop idols need to have. There have sadly been many groups that ended up disbanding because the members failed to mutually understand and show support for each other when working as a group. On the contrary, there are also many groups with admirable teamwork and TWICE is definitely the first one on the list. 

TWICE teamwork
TWICE is always appreciated for their teamwork skills.

Recently, the moment Momo took care of Jeongyeon at TWICE’s concert in the US went viral. Specifically, while performing the song “Knock Knock”, Jeongyeon forgot the dance and was quite confused on stage, Momo then walked over to hold Jeongyeon’s hand and take her back to her position.

At the same time, the line “Come in come in come in baby take my hands” of “Knock Knock” could not be a better proof of TWICE’s awesome teamwork. 

TWICE teamwork
Momo noticed and took Jeongyeon to her position. 

During the concert, Momo also warmed fans’ hearts by constantly trying to make Jeongyeon laugh, because she wanted to make sure Jeongyeon was in a good mood the entire time. Jeongyeon has not fully recovered from her health problems. While TWICE was preparing for their world tour, Jeongyeon had to take a break from activities to focus on recovery, so she was unable to practice as much as other members. How considerate Momo was of Jeongyeon is the sweetest thing fans could witness at the concert.

TWICE teamwork
Momo always takes care of Jeongyeon. 

Previously, at the concert in Seoul, Jeongyeon had to sit out because she was not healthy enough. However, TWICE always left an empty space on stage as if Jeongyeon was with them. This tiny but sweet action shows how strong TWICE’s bond and teamwork are. 

TWICE teamwork
TWICE always gives Jeongyeon an empty spot on the stage. 

Since their debut, TWICE has always been famous for their perfect synchronization when dancing. This is not something easy to pull off for a group with lots of members like TWICE. During performances or in dance practice videos, it is impossible to spot a TWICE member who is dancing out of rhythm or doing the moves wrong.

Nayeon once revealed that if any member of TWICE made a choreography mistake, they would be fined. 518,000 won for a minor mistake. For major ones, the amount could increase to more than 1,000 USD.

TWICE teamwork
TWICE sets a tough punishment for mistakes while practicing choreography. 

TWICE’s good teamwork skills are also reflected in the fact that the members always protect their image and help each other avoid problems. Typically, on the Alcohol-Free stage, Jeongyeon actively changed her choreography to help Sana not lose her balance.

Specifically, the song has a part where Sana has to put her arm straight on Jeongyeon’s hand to form a bar, but in the first part, she constantly lost her balance. Understanding this, Jeongyeon changed her movements, grabbing Sana’s arm to help her teammates.

TWICE teamwork
Jeongyeon changed the choreography to help Sana.

On an outdoor stage, Tzuyu was wearing a short skirt and the wind was strong. Because to prevent the maknae from having trouble, Jeongyeon also kept Tzuyu’s skirt during the performance. This action made the group’s fans deeply touched.

TWICE is also known as one of the idols that don’t have many fans only and akgae fans. Because, after 7 years of music activities, the members have not debuted solo or debuted a sub-unit. Because of that, the members’ feelings are even closer. They share the same goal and grow together. For ONCE, TWICE is always a group of 9 members.

TWICE teamwork
TWICE members have never been active as soloists.
TWICE teamwork
For ONCE, TWICE is always the perfect 9-person team.

To get to the top in K-pop, in addition to good looks and talent, teamwork is what keeps TWICE going far together. Seeing how the members treat each other, fans are even more proud.

TWICE teamwork
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