Why Eddie Redmayne Can’t Show the “Fantastic Beasts” Movies to His Children

The “Fantastic Beasts” movies are not 19+, but Eddie Redmayne doesn’t show them to his children.

British actor Eddie Redmayne shot to fame for his role in the 2012 film “Les Misérables,” went on to portray the brilliant physicist Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything,” for which he received accolades such as the Golden Globe and Academy Awards. 

Stephen Hawking

He received further praise for his second collaboration with director Tom Hooper, who directed “Les Misérables,” in the film “The Danish Girl.”

Eddie Redmayne’s next film was the spin-off series “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” in which he played Newt Scamander, the author of the textbook featured in the “Harry Potter” series and a magical zoologist.

Eddie Redmayne is a huge fan of the Harry Potter series and had previously auditioned for the role of Voldemort but was not cast. 

Putting aside his amusing past experience, how did he feel about taking on the role of the main character in the spin-off series of the beloved franchise?

Especially since he has two children born in 2016 and 2018, watching a fairy-tale-like magical story with an abundance of magical creatures alongside his children would have held a special meaning for him as a long-time fan of the original series.

Surprisingly, Eddie Redmayne did not show his children the “Fantastic Beasts” series, except for a short trailer. The reason being that he knew his children would inevitably ask if he was a real wizard after watching the films.

He didn’t want to lie to his children, but he also couldn’t shatter their innocent beliefs, so he ultimately chose not to show them the movies. 

Eddie Redmayne has repeatedly expressed his discomfort with his children mistakenly thinking that his profession involves being a character in movies.

His young children will eventually come to understand their father’s job, and the day will come when they can enjoy the films he has starred in together. The experience at that time will certainly be very different from the present.

Source: Daum

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