“Weak Hero Class 1” star Park Ji Hoon to appear in “Audrey” with “Reborn Rich” actress Kim Jung Nan 

Park Ji Hoon, who made a sensation with “Weak Hero Class 1”, will appear in the movie “Audrey” as his next work.

As reported by OSEN on December 9th, Park Ji Hoon will star in director Lee Young Guk’s new movie “Audrey”.

park ji hoon weak hero class 1

Park Ji Hoon recently left a strong impression by playing the main character, Yeon Si Eun, in Wavve’s original drama “Weak Hero Class 1” released last month. 

Through Yeon Si Eun, a voluntary outsider who only knows nothing but studying, Park Ji Hoon captivated viewers by showing a brilliant acting performance, especially for an idol, as well as strong bromance chemistry with co-stars Choi Hyun Wook and Hong Kyung.

park ji hoon

“Weak Hero Class 1” is gaining great popularity and rave reviews, ranking first place in the streaming rate of Wavve’s paid subscribers. Many viewers are yearning for season 2 and their attention is focused on Park Ji Hoon’s next project.

Park Ji Hoon’s next film “Audrey” is directed by Lee Young Guk, who participated in the movie “Crocodile” with the late director Kim Ki Duk. It is reborn as a movie with the motif of the special drama “My Mom, Audrey” written by Lee Young Guk. 

park ji hoon

Actress Kim Jung Nan plays a mother in “Audrey” and works with Park Ji Hoon. Kim Jung Nan is currently appearing in JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Reborn Rich” as Sunyang’s eldest daughter-in-law, Son Jung Rae.  

“Audrey”’ is scheduled to be out in 2023.

Source: Daum

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