“We are biological siblings”, a K-drama actress clarified her relationship with this male Kpop idol

This K-drama actress was rumored to be dating a male Kpop idol, who turns out to be her own younger brother.

On September 26th, actress Bae Da Bin, who stars in the KBS weekend drama “It’s Beautiful Now”, had an interview to celebrate the success of the series, which recently concluded. Here, the actress discussed her previous dating rumor with VERIVERY Hoyoung – who is actually her younger brother. 

bae da-bin

The actress said, “There are 5 siblings in my family, and Hoyoung is the only brother, so we have always been close. At first, we decided not to reveal our familial ties in fear of affecting each other,” adding “However, after photos of us going to the amusement park together and the puppy that we raised together started to spread, people speculated that we were dating. We had to explain and dispel those rumors.”


Bae Da Bin also praised her younger brother, adding, “I actually don’t mind being mistaken for his girlfriend. We take care of each other and are really close, hence the misunderstanding. Since we work in the same field, there are a lot of things that he’d automatically understand without needing my explanation. Sometimes, I look at him and feel motivated to work harder.” 


Bae Da Bin made her acting debut in 2018 with a role in “Should We Kiss First”, and has since appeared in various famous K-dramas, such as “My ID is Gangnam Beauty”, “Arthdal Chronicles”, “Do You Like Brahms?”, and “Love Alarm” season 2. She nailed her first leading role in the popular weekend dram “It’s Beautiful Now”, which recently ended. 

Meanwhile, Da Bin’s brother, VERIVERY Hoyoung, debuted in 2019 and released the digital single “Series ‘O’ Round 0: Who” back on March 23rd this year.  

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