Upcoming drama “Office Romance Cruelty” unveils teaser videos, showing Park Min-young and Song Kang’s office romance with affectionate eye contact

Park Min-young and Song Kang will become an office couple in “Office Romance Cruelty”.

JTBC’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “Office Romance Cruelty” tells about the work and love story of people working in the Korea Meteorological Administration, which is hotter than tropical nights and more unpredictable than local heavy rains.

On Jan 5th, two teasers videos, which unveiled the appearance of Park Min-young and Song Kang together for the first time, clearly showed the synergy between a ‘romance genre’ goddess and a ‘romance genre’ rising actor. The viewers are raising high expectations for an explosively romantic atmosphere to be created just by putting the two in one frame.

Office Romance Cruelty teaser

General forecaster Jin Ha-kyung (Park Min-young) and Lee Shi-woo (Song Kang), who is in charge of special reporting, are people of the Meteorological Administration. The first video revealed the moment of the two at their workplace. Shi-woo then carefully holds Ha-kyung’s hand and their eyes meet each other. It seems like the signal of their office romance will be shared only by affectionate eye contact.

In the follow-up teaser video, Shi-woo and Ha-kyung are walking along a road outside the Meteorological Administration at night. While walking ahead, Ha-kyung cannot hold herself but smile as if she is fluttered by the appearance of the person who is following her from behind. Shi-woo, who is standing one step behind Ha-kyung, looks at her back with an affectionate look. 

Office Romance Cruelty teaser

Weather, which changes from time to time and has many variables, is the image that is related to our daily life and how people react sensitively the most. People of the Meteorological Administration always work hard and enthusiastically. It is still impossible to predict whether the romance between Ha-kyung and Shi-woo, who meet at their workplace through unpredictable weather, will become a cruel sorrowful story or have a happy ending.

However, in these teaser videos only, Ha-kyung and Shi-woo’s hearts that beat excitingly just by looking at each other’s eyes were clearly conveyed. With Park Min-young and Song Kang’s actings that can complete their romance and perfectly portray the love story, “Office Romance Cruelty” is expected to excite the viewers’ love cells in February.

Office Romance Cruelty teaser

The production team said, “Along with interesting stories about the Meteorological Administration, the romance of people working here will bring another feel to this drama. The one-minute teaser videos, in which audiences can guess the atmosphere between Park Min-young and Song Kang when they look into each other’s eyes and smile without saying any lines, reveal their exciting chemistry. Please look forward to the drama broadcast.”

Office Romance Cruelty teaser

Meanwhile, director Cha Young-hoon of “When the Camellia Blooms”, Kang Eun-kyung, who created hot dramas “The World of the Married” and “Misty”, and GeulLine screenwriter Sunyoung joined hands to make “Office Romance Cruelty”. This drama will premiere in February.

Office Romance Cruelty teaser
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