Unlike the rumor about their breakup, it is confirmed that Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In are still dating

It’s been more 4 months since Lee Seung Gi-Lee Da In couple publicized their relationship, netizens are wondering if their relationship is still proceeding well.

In May, Dispatch released several photos claiming Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In were dating. After that, both of them confirmed the rumor and publicized their romantic relationship. The two met as senior and junior actors who have the same interest in golf. After getting to know more about each other, they started dating and their acquaintances also were also informed about their relationship.

Lee Seung Gi Lee Da In dating

However, not long after the 5-year-old age gap couple went public with their relationship, a rumor about their breakup was spread on many online sites. Suddenly being the focus of the public’s attention, Lee Da In once expressed her discomfort and thoughts on her SNS.

Therefore, many people raised suspicions that there must have been changes in the romantic relationship between the 2 actors.

After checking with the couple’s acquaintances, it is said that the relationship between Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In is still proceeding well. In addition, they are still spending time with each other despite their tight schedules.

A staff in the entertainment industry explained, “The two are still dating. They have become the center of attention since they went public. However, their relationship is strong enough to not be shaken by the public eyes. They trust and rely on each other. They are enjoying many happy dates just like any other couples.”

Lee Seung Gi has been active in showbiz as he appears in many programs such as SBS’s “Team Up 072”, “LOUD”, “Master In The House” while Lee Da In’s latest drama is SBS’s “Alice” and she is currently preparing for a new film.

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