Under heavy rain, SEVENTEEN delivers impressive performance for overseas fans 

Famous boy group SEVENTEEN successfully finished their encore concert in Jakarta, Indonesia despite torrential downpour. 

On December 28th, SEVENTEEN held an encore concert for their “SEVENTEEN WORLD TOUR – BE THE SUN” in an outdoor venue in Jakarta, Indonesia.


On this day, Jakarta was flooded with heavy rain that made it impossible to see. However, instead of stopping, SEVENTEEN continued their performance amid torrential downpour. 

Instead of slowing down, however, SEVENTEEN seemed to dance even more passionately for fans who came to the concert hall. Accordingly, fans also enjoyed the show while wearing raincoats, chanting and cheering as everyone got wet together, under the same rain. 


Videos of SEVENTEEN’s performance in Jakarta were later posted on various online communities and quickly gained attention. It was pouring cats and dogs at the time, so the video quality was blurry. 

Even though the stage was slippery and visibility was poor due to the rain, SEVENTEEN made fans go wild with their unwavering and powerful performance and singing ability. Fans enthusiastically shouted and chanted in accordance with every stage, further heating up the atmosphere.


In addition, SEVENTEEN member Mingyu heated up the scene by wearing a revealing mesh shirt. Mingyu, whose clothes were wet from heavy rain, drew attention by showing off his muscular body.

SEVENTEEN’s visuals under the rain that day also became a hot topic. Every time members appeared on the stage screen, soaked from head to toe and yet still stunning, the fans’ cheers grew louder.


Despite being wet in the rain, SEVENTEEN fluttered the hearts of fans by showing their wet hair and flawless beauty.

On the other hand, The8, a SEVENTEEN member, was unable to attend the Jakarta concert due to flu symptoms. His absence was announced by their agency Pledis Entertainment via the fan platform Weverse.

To include him in the show, members continuously mentioned his name while on stage and fans also chanted his real name during parts of the concert.

Source: Insight 

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