TWICE’s Jeongyeon recalled being scolded by her members in new vlog

TWICE’s Jeongyeon confesses that she was scolded by the members on her Vlog “Once again,” raising fans’ curiosity. 

Jeongyeon, who had temporarily suspended her career for health reasons, resumed her activities with TWICE’s third full album, “Formula of Love: O+T=<3,” released on November 12th. “Once again” is a Vlog featuring her daily life and healing trip before the comeback. Some pre-released videos ahead of its release at 11 a.m. on November 27th show Jeongyeon preparing for a healing trip with a bright expression. It also included scenes of her preparing for the camping, saying, “I bought a lot of meat,” and having a hard time setting up a tent and busy grilling meat outdoors. 

TWICE Jeongyeon Once Again

While putting on a fire for the camping, Jeongyeon, who has a bright expression on her face, confessed that she was scolded by the members. This was about the warm-hearting nagging of TWICE members when they knew she had health difficulties.  Fans who saw this video said, “I’m so glad to see Jeongyeon’s bright expression,” and “I hope you don’t suffer in the future, will be healthy and happy like this,” expressing their support for her, who overcame a hard time. 

twice jeongyeon

Meanwhile, according to Billboard on November 22nd, TWICE re-set their best record on the Billboard 200 chart with their third full album “Formula of Love: O+T=<3” released on November 12th. It is also the first K-pop girl group to have two albums entering the Billboard 200’s top 10 within a year.

TWICE Jeongyeon Once Again

TWICE will start its world tour at KSPO DOME (Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium) in Songpa-gu, Seoul from December 24th to 26th and perform overseas, including the United States, in February next year.

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