TWICE’s Jeongyeon delivered greetings to fans after returning to work after health problem hiatus 

TWICE’s Jeongyeon, who recently returned to the stage after suspending her activities, expressed her feelings on Instagram.

On February 18th, a video was posted on TWICE‘s official Instagram with a message titled “Incoming Call from JEONGYEON on tour.” In the released video, Jeongyeon said, “Hi ONCE (TWICE’s fandom name). How are you? I was really, really well, so I appeared like this.”

TWICE Jeongyeon delivered greetings

Jeongyeon said she is currently in Los Angeles (LA) in the U.S. for TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR ‘III’. Jeongyeon said, “The weather is really nice, the view is so nice, and it was so good to meet the fans after a long time.” Jeongyeon said, “Let’s wait a little bit and see each other soon. I’m always grateful for you. Please be healthy and don’t get hurt,” she said, adding, “I’ll be the Jeongyeon who works harder in the future.”


Finally, the idol said, “Thank you. Don’t get hurt. You have to be healthy,” she said. Jeongyeon once confessed that she had received treatments for the herniated disc in her neck ahead of the comeback with “MORE & MORE” in June 2020. In October of the same year, she temporarily suspended her activities due to psychological reasons such as great tension and anxiety caused by schedules. 

Jeongyeon returned when TWICE made a comeback with “Taste of Love” in June last year, but stopped working again in August, two months later.

TWICE Jeongyeon delivered greetings

At that time, JYP Entertainment said, “Jeongyeon is currently suffering from symptoms of panic and psychological anxiety disorder”, adding, “Since our artist’s health is the most important issue, we have reviewed it from various aspects, including opinions of specialized medical institutions, and came up with the decision that it would be more appropriate to let the artist spend more time focusing on recovery”.

After then, Jeongyeon gradually appeared in the music video of “The Feels”, and on SNS posts, then returned on the stage after six months with TWICE’s World Tour concert.

TWICE Jeongyeon delivered greetings

However, it was noticed that Jeongyeon went on stage with a rather gloomy and unhealthy expression, causing fans’ regret. In response, Internet users commented, “Her face looks swollen”, “She looks unhealthy. Doesn’t she need to rest more?”, “I feel bad for her”, etc.

Meanwhile, Youtuber Lee Jin-ho, a former entertainment reporter, mentioned the reason why Jeongyeon gained weight, saying, “It was the side effect of using steroids, one of the drugs that herniated disc patients take a lot when receiving treatments.”

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