TWICE’s comeback outfits face mixed reactions: From unflattering material to controversial exposure

TWICE has sparked controversy over their outfits during comeback promotions several times. 

On August 26, TWICE had their first full-group comeback following all 9 members’ contract renewal with JYP Entertainment. The group returned to the music scene with the new mini album “BETWEEN 1&2” featuring the title track “Talk that Talk”. TWICE’s highly-anticipated comeback promotions have just started, but the group is already caught up in a controversy over their outfits.

Over the years, TWICE’s styling team and JYP Entertainment have faced backlash multiple times from fans and the public over the members’ outfits. In this comeback, the complaints came from TWICE’s satin dresses, which are said to look unflattering on some members and overlapping with their outfits during “Feel Special” era. 

In 2019, TWICE dropped the 8th mini album “Feel Special” with the title track of the same name. The representative outfits of “Feel Special” were blue and purple satin mini-dresses, tops, and pants. Although they look eye-catching, these outfits still received mixed reactions as some claimed they failed to complement TWICE’s visuals and figures. 

TWICE’s outfits for “Talk that Talk” also led to a controversy over body exposure. Momo, Jihyo, and Mina became the talk of the town for their outfits that were deemed too revealing and inappropriate for the song’s concept by many netizens. However, there are also opinions that TWICE’s members are mature enough to wear these sexy outfits. 

TWICE members are all known to have ideal body figures. Therefore, stylists often dress them in short and tight-fitted outfits that highlight their curves. However, this has also become a problem for the group during their performances, especially ones with strong choreography. 

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