Coldplay’s members stand up for BTS when a German host looks down on their career

The inconsiderate act of downplaying BTS’s career during an interview of a German host has enraged ARMYs.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Will Champion were recently guests on the 100th episode of German talk show Late Night Berlin. During the interview, they mentioned their collaboration with global group BTS for the song “My Universe”. This is a song co-written by Coldplay themselves and 3 BTS members, RM, Suga and j-hope.

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In the show, Chris Martin and Will Champion expressed their love for the 7 members of the K-pop group. Coldplay shared that they play “My Universe” everywhere they go. Chris Martin revealed that he has started learning Korean to sing the part of BTS when the two groups are unable to perform together.


Unexpectedly, host Klaas Heufer Umlauf mentioned the professional experience of two groups: “Even though, of course, you’re long in the business. Yeah, you might know … But it’s been a while, 25 years ago. It’s a good while. But BTS, compared to your career, they are not that long in the business, this is what I want to say, you know, but…”

Realizing what the host was going to say about BTS, Will Champion and Chris Martin both quickly reacted in defense of their Korean friends:

“They’ve done their eight albums. They’ve done almost more albums than we have. Yeah, you know they’re very experienced.”, Will Champion said. Martin agreed, adding, “Yeah, they work hard.” 


The host still did not give up the idea of looking down on BTS’s career by saying “They’re just faster [than you].” Then both Will Champion and Chris Martin unanimously affirmed: “They work hard! How long have you been in the industry?”.

It is not uncommon for BTS to become the target of racism and be looked down on by TV shows’ hosts and interviewers in Western countries. After watching the German talk show, the group’s fans (A.R.M.Y) have expressed their appreciation for Coldplay’s response.

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Source: K14

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