TWICE Nayeon, who was adjusting clothes when music suddenly started, reacted like a true professional

TWICE Nayeon showed a professional response on stage with impressive reaction speed.

On August 27th, fancam videos of TWICE’s “Talk that Talk” performance were uploaded on the YouTube channel “MBC Kpop Entertainment Lab”. Among these videos, an unexpected person started to draw attention in Sana’s individual fancam.

The person in question was Nayeon, who was busy adjusting her outfit before the stage started. It could be seen that the female idol was fixing a strap of her black sleeveless top. 

However, the music suddenly started while Nayeon was in the middle of her task.

Hearing this, Nayeon was startled and immediately changed into the opening pose. At first, she 

couldn’t hide the surprised expression on her face. However, she quickly straightened her expression and continued the choreography calmly.

It was a brief moment, but Nayeon managed to impress with her professional response.

Netizens who saw the video said: “Her surprised expression is like a rabbit. Even when taken by surprise, she acted like a pro idol”, “Nayeon is truly born to be an idol. She’s just the best”, “Her reaction speed is only 0.1 seconds”, and more. 

Below is the video with Nayeon’s reaction:

Source: dispatch

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