TWICE is the most hardworking K-Pop girl group, how about BLACKPINK?

According to a statistic on Reddit, among current girl groups, TWICE is the most hardworking one in term of comeback while BLACKPINK is rarely seen on the K-Pop battlefield.

Recently, on Reddit, a post is going viral among K-Pop fans. According to this post, a fan has listed out the average time gap between comebacks of some K-Pop girl groups.

The list shows TWICE as the most hardworking girl group of current K-Pop. The JYP girl group, on average, has a comeback 120 days after the previous one, which is about 4 months

Before this, TWICE has already been known as the busy bee of K-Pop. Just in 2019, the girls have released 4 new projects in both Japan and South Korea, 2 of which are “Fancy You” (April) and “Feel Special” (September).

TWICE is currently K-Pop’s most hardworking girl group.

Following closely behind TWICE is the rookie (G)I-DLE. The 6 girls from CUBE Entertainment take about 128 days each to release a new album. Debuted in May 2018, this rookie group has had 4 hits in their hands: “LATATA”, “HANN-“, “Senorita” and “Uh-Oh”.

Some other names are also mentioned as groups that come back regularly like Dreamcatcher (141 days), Red Velvet (145 days), Oh My Girl (147 days).

Different from the aforementioned names, BLACKPINK is currently the “laziest” group among female idols. The gap between their comebacks (which is releasing new songs and promoting on weekly music shows) is approximately 228 days, which is about 8 months.

Ever since their debut til now, BLACKPINK almost just does 1 comeback each year. The gap between “As If It’s Your Last” (June 2017) and “DDU-DU DDU-DU” (June 2018) was 12 months!

BLACKPINK’s fans have voiced out their anger towards YG for keeping the girls from having a more frequent comeback schedule. Korean audience even looked down on the YG girls for having only 10 tracks (including the title tracks and b-sides) even though they debuted 3 years ago.

black pink
Thanks to BLACKPINK, this new phone sure will sell like hotcakes.

However, many also understand that BLACKPINK’s album producing depends totally on Teddy – YG’s famous producer. All tracks of the 4 girls are produced by this talented hitmaker.

The public agreed that Teddy can only come up with a few tracks that are qualified to be BLACKPINK’s, which is why the girls cannot have multiple comebacks a year.

Apart from BLACKPINK, there are some other groups who also have a long gap between each of their comebacks like Berry Good (217 days), AOA (217 days), EXID (214 days). However, these groups are currently on an unofficial hiatus due to problems such as main vocal leaving the group, members with expired contracts,…

Source: Zing

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