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TWICE Dahyun, goddess of “ISAC”… “Everyone will feel sad if Dahyun isn’t here”

TWICE Dahyun became the “Idol Star Athletics Championships Goddess”.

TWICE Dahyun showed off her unchanging energy at MBC’s Idol Star Athletics Championships Chuseok Special (hereinafter referred to as “ISAC“), which aired on Sep 9th.

“ISAC” is back after 2 years. Jun Hyun-moo, Lee Hong-ki and TWICE Dahyun appeared as MCs.

twice dahyun

Prior to the main game, Norazo presented an exciting opening performance. The lyrics of the song “Cider” was changed, leading to hot responses from idols. Following the oath-taking ceremony, 3 MCs greeted viewers.

twice dahyun

Jun Hyun-moo announced the return of “ISAC”, “I think viewers have been waiting for a long time.” Lee Hong-ki introduced himself, “I’m Hong-ki, who wants to be ISAC’s leader.” Dahyun said, “I’m ISAC’s vitamin Dahyun, who will be with you this year following 2019.”

Regarding this, Jun Hyun-moo confessed, “I think Dahyun became a goddess of ISAC. Everyone will feel sad if Dahyun isn’t here.” Dahyun boosted the vitality of “ISAC” with her extraordinary energy.

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