Top idols “I’m not 18” enough to face the Kpop sister

Never before has Kpop had so many under-twenty idols that possess such sexy figure.

In addition to a pretty face and unique personality, beautiful figure is also considered a crucial strength to help idols get public’s attention. In the past, the trend of pursuing skinny body used to be favored by most of idols, as a “must factor” to make a good and confident public appearance. But nowadays, contrarily, it is believed that firm and sexy body itself is the figure to be praised a lot. Let’s take a look at these young pretty female idols who have become famous thanks to their enviable sexy body:

Jeon Somi

It is not that Somi attracted a huge international fan base and then became the winner of Produce 101 for no reason. Her hard-to-resist Western beauty is undoubtedly a big advantage for this 18-year-old idol. Besides, her mixed blood may also contribute to Somi’s body, making it become more charming and attractive compared to her peers’. Although she was once criticized for choosing inappropriate sexy clothing, it is undeniable that the sexy body is that to catch the public’s eyes.
Somi shows off her sexy breast with tight dress Somi’s pretty long legs got exposed inattentively thanks to her nearly-1m7-height Attractive figure makes her standout beautifully from all angles

Tzuyu (TWICE)

As the youngest member of TWICE, Tzuyu has never been left behind in terms of popularity. When she was a part of the show “Sixteen,” Tzuyu gained huge attention thanks to her sexy body for a girl at the age of 15. Gradually, Tzuyu’s beauty has become more feminine and sexy. It is expected that Tzuyu will soon be Kpop’s “Queen of commercials” in the near future, following her seniors like Seolhyun (AOA) or Suzy.
Tzuyu’s advantages lay in her slim waistline and firm hip, which form the perfect Coke-bottle-like curve. Beside such sexy body, Tzuyu also has sexy appearance thanks to her pretty face and cute choreography Tzuyu’s perfect body measurements are that makes other girls jealous of.

Xiyeon (Pristin)

At first glance, no one could ever think of Xiyeon as a 10x idol. It is because she has a very sharp face let alone the sexy-beyond-age figure. Although Pristin does not intentionally follow sexy or mature concept, the costumes of the team have always been made to clearly make Xiyeon’s nice body become her vivid strength. Xiyeon’s beauty is unique thanks to her hot curves which make her special in comparison with other slim female idols. With the wise promotion strategy from the company, Xiyeon’s beauty could be shining even much brighter and thus bring her more achievements in the future.
Xiyeon has one of the biggest fandom among Pristin members thanks to her nice body. Crop tops and tight shorts are her usual stage performance costumes. If Pristin style is to be switched to sexy one someday, Xiyeon will surely be the most attractive member!

Nancy (Momoland)

In comparison with her early days after making debut, Nancy has become much more attractive. Despite of the common height, her body figure helps her standout in Momoland. Nancy used to be really skinny, but her dramatic weight gain has finally helped her to achieve the ideal figure which amazed everyone. Thanks to her bright appearance, this Kpop new generation “fancam lady” has always been chosen for the visual/central position in many group performances.
Her bright skin and attractive curves make a huge number of fan boys go head over heels Nancy always takes the most advantage of her hot curves in poses Nancy to be the next Kpop sexy symbol in the near future is easily predicted.

Doyeon (Weki Meki)

Doyeon receives much love from Korea netizens thanks to her unique beauty, which is considered a different version of famous actress Jun Ji Hyun. In additional to her pretty face, Doyeon is blessed with an ideal model-like height of 1m72, a well-proportioned body and a mature look. These significant body features bring Doyeon many modeling contracts with magazines and fashion brands.
Doyeon has always been in a spotlight when making her appearance with clothes that could show off her super slim waist With perfect figure, Doyeon is confident wearing tight costumes Weki Meki hot curves are to be jealous of

Kwon Eunbin (CLC)

Despite being the youngest in CLC, Eunbin has such a sexy body which could even be a little more attractive than that of other CLC members. In contrast with her sexy figure, Eunbin has a pretty peach-shaped face which helped her standout in the first season of Produce 101. Having the height of approximately 1m7 and possessing attractive curves, Eunbin is believed to be the most charming member in CLC.
Her super 11-shaped abs makes everyone curious about her workout routine and tips With casual clothes, Eunbin could still show off her desirable measurements

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