Top 12 most powerful Korean stars in 2021 as voted by 200 industry insiders: BTS surpassed the ‘Squid Game’ cast, only one Kpop group’s member made the cutlt

200 entertainment industry officials voted in a survey to select the most powerful figures of Korea’s entertainment industry in 2021. Can you guess which artist will appear in the Top 10?

On the occasion of its 17th anniversary, the famous entertainment news site JoyNews24 conducted a survey to select the most outstanding Korean dramas, movies, actors, singers and variety shows in 2021. The survey brought together 200 entertainment industry insiders, including staff of entertainment companies, TV stations, production crews, content producers and reporters, to cast their votes from October 12 to 19. 

The opening of JoyNews24’s announcement of the voting results is as follows:

‘BTS has dominated this year’s Billboard chart and achieved remarkable success in the global music market.  Meanwhile, actress Youn Yuh Jung won an Academy Award for “Best Supporting Actress”. Additionally, in the second half of 2021, ‘Squid Game’ received massive attention from viewers around the world and showed that Korea can be a powerhouse in terms of content. Amid the golden age of K-content, we would like to announce the most powerful people of the entertainment industry in 2021 as voted by industry insiders.’

Let’s take a look at the Top 10 with 12 celebrities that are titled the leading stars of Korea’s entertainment industry in 2021 below.

10th place: BLACKPINK / Kim Seon Ho (3 votes)

12 most powerful Korean stars in 2021
12 most powerful Korean stars in 2021

9th place: Lee Soo Man / Bang Si Hyuk (4 votes)

12 most powerful Korean stars in 2021

8th place: IU (5 votes)

7th place: BLACKPINK Jennie (7 votes)

6th place: Youn Yuh Jung (8 votes)

5th place: Jung Ho Yeon (11 votes)

jung ho yeon

4th place: Lee Jung Jae (13 votes)

lee jung jae

3rd place: Lim Young Woong (14 votes)

lim young woong

2nd place: Yoo Jae Suk (27 votes)

Yoo Jae Suk

1st place: BTS (91 votes)

With 91 votes, BTS took first place with an overwhelming number of votes in the survey ‘The most powerful people in the entertainment industry in 2021‘. The group held the No.1 spot for three consecutive years as they proved to be the most influential people in the rapidly changing world of popular culture.  It can be seen that the consensus of 91/200 people shows how influential the Big Hit boy group really is.

JoyNews24 praises that BTS itself has become a ‘Kpop brand’.  BTS has cemented its place at the center of the global music market.  The group has also continued in its footsteps to spread its influence this year.  They dominated the Billboard charts and were even nominated for a Grammy, confirming their strong position in mainstream American culture.  Now, there are no barriers for BTS.  In addition, they are also working hard towards reaching a prestigious Grammy.

BTS performed ‘Permission to Dance’ at UN headquarters

BLACKPINK appeared twice on the list, once as a group and once as an individual member, Jennie. Jennie is the only individual Kpop idol who was voted for, proving that she is still the ‘it girl’ of Kpop and that her influence creates trends. The fact that Jennie received more votes than BLACKPINK is interesting.

jennie blackpink
Jennie (BLACKPINK) received a lot of votes even though she has no comeback activities in 2021

Some comments from Knet:

  • Crazy, BTS got 91 votes out of 200 votes!!!
  • Wow, Jennie is amazing!!!
  • Wow Jennie.. That’s crazy… She didn’t even promote this year.
  • Jennie and BLACKPINK are both big hits.  They didn’t even make a comeback this year.
  • Lim Young Woong’s rank is higher than last year.
  • Wow Jung Ho Yeon is amazing ㅋㅋ
  • I think the influence of ‘Squid Game’ is great.  Jung Ho Yeon is very popular now.
  • But Jennie personally ranked higher than BLACKPINK?!
  • Lim Young Woong daebak!
  • Hul, Jennie didn’t even have a solo comeback this year ㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ I want BLACKPINK to come back, Jennie is really a big hit.
  • The number of votes for BTS is so high!!
  • 200 people but almost half voted for BTS?  Indeed, their influence is undeniable.
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