8 super viral dances of female Kpop idols (ft. BLACKPINK’s Lisa, aespa, and more) 

From 2021 to early 2022, Kpop female idols have continued to release new choreographies that went viral all over the Internet. 

Female idols are often the trendsetters in Kpop, most of the time through their music. A good song will have a higher coverage if the choreography is eye-catching, easy to memorize and follow, arousing excitement for the fans.  In the past, SNSD‘s smash hit “Gee” created a stir with its iconic “crab dance”. Other examples are TWICE‘s choreo for “TT“, “Cheer Up“, or the legendary shoulder dance in the opening part of ITZY’s “WANNABE“.

And there are so many other examples of viral dances in the history of Kpop girl groups, every year over the last 4 generations. 2021 and 2022 are obviously no exception. From the beginning of last year until now, Kpop has witnessed the amazing success of female idols such as aespa, IVE, STAYC, Brave Girls,… Their songs are not only commercial hits but also attract the attention of the public thanks to their memorable choreographies. 


After a successful debut, STAYC had a comeback with the hit “ASAP” that is full of refreshing energy. At the time of its release, the addictive chorus and super viral kkuk kkuki dance of “ASAP” took social media by storm and helped the group become one of the most outstanding rookies of 2021.

The kkuk kkuki dance in “ASAP”

TWICE – “The Feels”

The Feels” is the first full English single in TWICE‘s career.  From the MV to the melody, “The Feels” has received many compliments from Kpop fans. In particular, the hip dance in the chorus is considered the killing part of the entire choreography, making fans unable to help but dance along.

The hip dance in “The Feels”

Jeon Somi – “Dumb Dumb”

Among female Kpop soloists, Somi had one of the most viral choreos in 2021, thanks to “Dumb Dumb“. The “upside down OK” gesture combined with sexy and powerful hip dance moves helped Somi successfully leave a strong impression. Not only fans, but many other Kpop idols also did the “Dumb Dumb” dance challenge.

“Dumb Dumb” – Somi

Lisa – “LALISA”

The first solo song “LALISA” of BLACKPINK’s maknae surprised netizens at first because the choreography looks too simple for a top dancer like Lisa. However, since it’s easy, more people can dance to it and help LALISA become more viral. 

“LALISA” has a simple choreo that is easy to follow

Brave Girls – “Rollin'”

STAYC, Somi, TWICE all had a successful year but I would like to say that Brave Girls is the true “last boss” in the choreography race of female idols. After “Rollin‘” went upstream on the charts, the choreography with the extremely unique hand movement simulating “rays” performed by the group was also covered everywhere. 

“Rollin'” – Brave Girls


KEP1ER just debuted in early 2022 but has quickly become a familiar idol group to many Kpop fans. The group’s debut song “WA DA DA” left its mark with many cute hand gestures and youthful and fresh energy.


IVE‘s song “ELEVEN” has stayed on many digital music charts for 2 months since its debut. The choreography performed by IVE was also enthusiastically covered by fans. In particular, the first part of the song where the 6 girls form a pyramid and the gesture of touching their eyes in the chorus is considered very impressive by Kpop fans.

aespa – “Next Level”

Considered by many to be SM‘s biggest breakthrough hit in recent years, aespa really caused a storm on SNS with “Next Level” in 2021. Many famous artists have tried to emulate aespa’s hand movements in the chorus part, contributing to increasing the song’s strong impact on the public.

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