Three female K-pop idols who blew the audience away at ISAC 2022 

These female idols wowed the audience with their unique and charismatic dancesport performances.

Idol Star Athletic Championship (ISAC) is one of the most anticipated events among the K-pop community. Here, idols will participate in different sports and bring back medals for their groups. Recently, ISAC 2022 went viral with the dancesport performances of Kep1er’s Xiaoting, NMIXX’s Sullyoon and Billlie’s Tsuki. 

As one of the most outstanding 4th generation idols, Sullyoon is showered with countless praises for her exquisite beauty and multi talents, and her dancesport appearance at the 2022 ISAC is no exception. In her silky red dress with a side slit, the idol showcased professional dance moves. Combined with a sleek makeup style, Sullyoon completely stole the spotlight on stage. 

In recent times, Tsuki has accumulated a considerable fanbase thanks to her stunning visual and versatile expressions on stage. At the 2022 ISAC, Tsuki surprised netizens with extremely professional dancing skills, which eventually won her the silver medal. 

However, Kep1er’s Xiaoting proved to be the prima donna that outshined everyone else. From her movements to expressions and performance climaxes, the female idol was lauded with rounds of applause from both the audience and other idols at the scene. As Xiaoting was a professional dance sport athlete with numerous awards under her sleeves, her techniques are simply undisputable.

At ISAC 2022, K-pop idols kept fans’ eyes glued to the screen with thrilling performances. These female idols’ performances definitely persuaded the toughest crowds with their unquestionable talent, captivating stage presence and professional techniques. 

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