Thom Browne’s official SNS has been covered with photos of BTS Jin 

BTS Jin seems to have taken over the SNS account of global luxury brand Thom Browne

On November 5th, global luxury brand Thom Browne posted several photos of BTS Jin on their official SNS account. 

BTS Jin Thom Browne

In particular, the brand showed affection for Jin after seeing the male idol wear their clothes in his music video.

The brand also tagged BTS’ Twitter handle and added a hashtag of Jin, alongside the caption, “…where am i… Jin wears Thom Browne in his new music video ‘The Astronaut’.” They then shared the MV for “The Astronaut” on their official account. 

BTS Jin Thom Browne

It can be seen that in the video, Jin perfectly pulled off Thom Browne’s stylish black suit. 

Boasting an unrealistic appearance enough to be nicknamed “Worldwide Handsome”, Jin also showed off his fantastic wide shoulders and superior golden ratio physique while dressed in a suit. 

BTS Jin Thom Browne

Meanwhile, Jin has been known to enjoy wearing Thom Browne clothes for years. He even said that he buys several sets of clothes at once in one store.

In a recently released video titled “10 Things Jin of BTS Can’t Live Without”, which was published by the US Magazine GQ, Jin also revealed that he is using the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition.


He described the Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition and himself as air and a living creature, in the sense that the phone is a crucial necessity. 


Then, Jin also took out a pair of Thom Browne pants in his bag and said while laughing, “If you spent money on clothes, it’s better to have a big brand logo on it.”

Source: insight

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