This “world’s prettiest” model with CG-like body has doubled for Suzy and Seolhyun

This female model has appeared as body double for many famous celebrities like Lee Bo Young, Lee Na Young, Suzy, Kang So Ra, Seolhyun, Park Shin Hye, and more. 

Model Kim Bo Ra, who is known as a body double for top female stars, has been attracting attention. 

The 32-year-old female model recently posted a photo of herself in a white dress on Instagram, at the same time showing off her beautiful body line and a bright smile under the sunset. 

Previously, Kim Bo Ra also published a lot of photos that flaunted her perfect body. She has garnered over 1 million Instagram followers since her modeling debut in 2013, and after she played the body double for various female celebrities.  

In particular, Kim Bo Ra has played Lee Bo Young’s legs and Lee Na Young’s upper body in a CF film. In the past, she also doubled the body of Suzy, Kang So Ra, Seolhyun, and Park Shin Hye.

In 2016, Kim Bora participated in the SBS Plus’ TV program “Super Model Contest”, where she received ample attention for her slim body and sophisticated visuals. Currently, the model is busy with various advertisements and pictorial shoots, making her own name known beyond her body double work.

On a 2017 broadcast of SBS’ “Morning Wide Part 3”, Bora revealed the secret behind her ideal physique. According to the model, she does not go to a separate gym. Instead, she strongly recommends people to stick their legs together, tighten their abs, and square their shoulders into a standing position while waiting for the subway, explaining that this position is equivalent to a lot of exercises. 

It’s also important to stretch the calves while using the escalator, Kim Bo Ra said. 

In addition, Kim Bora shared that she often takes nutrients while eating whole grain foods, saying: “Even a little bit of it makes me feel very full, so I don’t think about eating other snacks.”

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