This “Reborn Rich” actress stuns with her unrealistically slender figure in new mirror selfies 

“Reborn Rich” Park Ji Hyun showed off her toned body in new photos, drawing admiration from netizens. 

On January 28th, Park Ji Hyun shared two pictures of her on her Instagram. She recently left for LA, USA for an overseas pictorial, and it seems that these photos were taken during her time in LA. 

Park Ji-hyun instagram
Park Ji-hyun instagram

Park Ji Hyun wore a pink knitted tank top with oversized pants to give off feminine and hip vibes. With her tongue sticking out, she made a cute pose.

What stood out in particular was her slender body. She surprised netizens by naturally revealing his skinny collarbones, shoulder line, and toned abs.

Park Ji-hyun instagram
Park Ji-hyun instagram

Seeing this, fellow actor Choi Yeon Chung, who is close to Park Ji Hyun, left a witty comment under the post, “Does that stomach contain all the organs?”

Park Ji Hyun

Park Ji Hyun recently made a strong impression by playing Mo Hyun Min in JTBC’s hit drama “Reborn Rich”. Park Ji Hyun, who has been busy since the end of “Reborn Rich”, is about to appear in the movie “Hidden Face” this year.

“Hidden Face” (directed by Kim Dae Woo) is a mystery thriller that follows a man tracking down the whereabouts of his fiancée, who has disappeared after leaving behind a single video letter. The man later encounters a shocking secret related to her.

Starring actors such as Song Seung Heon and Cho Yeo Jeong, “Hidden Face” is a remake of the 2011 film of the same name directed by Andrés Baiz. 

Source: Wikitree. 

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