This K-drama, which boasts ratings of 0%, is receiving rave reviews

Despite low viewership ratings, this K-drama is going viral on social media. 

“Gaus Electronics”, which airs on the cable channel ENA and the streaming platform seezn, revolves around the office workers of Marketing Team 3 at the home appliance headquarters of Gaus Electronics—a multinational company. The team included many strange characters, such as the extremely unlucky yet positive guy Lee Sang Sik, the hot-headed assistant Cha Na Rae, and Baek Ma Tan, who is actually the son of a chairman from an opponent company going undercover. At first, they have little in common, but after various events and chaos, they grow much closer.

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Since it airs on a small channel with no extremely popular face to be the “rating guarantor”, 

“Gaus Electronics” performs badly in terms of viewership, with ratings as low as 0.3%. The drama is also not at all promoted, leading to this sad achievement. Nevertheless, with its natural charm, “Gaus Electronics” managed to draw in the international audience and earned a lot of praise for its humorous content and never seen before situation. Cuts from the drama also go viral on SNS platforms, and the comment sections are always filled with positive responses and excitement.

Gaus Electronics

In addition, the audience also praised the two male leads: Kwak Dong Yeon and rookie Bae Hyun Sung. After a series of supporting roles, Kwak Dong Yeon returned and made a strong impression with a main role in “Gaus Electronics”. As for Bae Hyun Sung, the young master Ma Tan is the first TV lead role in his career after making a strong impression earlier this year in the drama “Our Blues”.

Gaus Electronics

Below are some comments from netizens on “Gaus Electronics”:

  • What an underrated gem!!! The comedy is awesome while the romance is amazing! My favorite comedy of the year.
  • The best comedy Korean drama of the year for me, even the romantic element is better than many romance-centric dramas of this year. The pacing, the humor, the acting – everything was great. I am giving it 9 out of 10 and crossing my fingers for a 2nd season.
  • One of the best comedies I’ve seen. Every character is funny and lovable. The chemistry between the characters is really good. If you want to laugh out loud, I highly recommend this drama.
  • I really like this “crazy comedy”.
  • This series deserves higher ratings and more episodes.

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