This is the standard of K-Celebs! The charming looks of Jennie, Jisoo and Jung Ho-yeon that heated up the Paris Fashion Week

Let’s take a look at the beautiful appearance of the 3 most influential Korean stars at the recent Paris Fashion Week.

The 2022 F/W Fashion Week, which not only attracted attention from people around the world but also controlled the fashion trends, has ended. Famous celebrities shine and arouse hot topics at this event every year. This year, their appearance only already made headlines! The main characters mentioned here are Jennie, Jisoo, and Jung Ho-yeon. It is a natural thing that people who are gaining great popularity in Korea and abroad would automatically draw attention as soon as they appeared at the event hall. It is said that the hall was covered with loud cheers as if it were a fanmeeting. Let’s look at the beauty of those who are not only raising the status of Korea but also promoting the beauty of Asians.

#Jung Ho-yeon

Thanks to the success of the drama “Squid Game”, Jung Ho-yeon has been invited to many overseas awards ceremonies and swept various awards. Jung Ho-yeon, who was recognized as a top model even before becoming an actress, returned to the runway for the first time in a while. Reborn as a global ambassador of Louis Vuitton, Jung Ho-yeon decorated the opening ceremony of the brand show and showed off her appearance when returning home in glory. Jung Ho-yeon, who took the stage, was styled in a sophisticated look with a subtle glow base. Her eyeliner was removed and shaded with a reddish-brown color. Especially, the lip color was expressed in a way that made it look moist with a nude light! Although Jung Ho-yeon often posts photos of herself in natural makeup on SNS, the makeup for this show has proved the actress as “Jeong Ho-yeon flower”.



Born-to-be celebrity Jennie makes people look forward to what style she will be dressed in every time she attends an event! At Chanel’s Fall-Winter 2022/23 Ready-to-Wear Show, she showed off a graceful look that highlights Korean beauty. She looks like a princess from a historical drama with her black hair styled in a lovely braided updo. Her long bangs were fixed in the 90s two-piece “antennae” style bangs, adding a spoonful of hip vibes. Two ribbons were pinned at the back of her head to get a lovely charm. Jennie’s makeup was completed with pink blush and nude pink lips, showing a natural tone-on-tone makeup that is not excessive. If you want to exude a soft, spring-like atmosphere like Jennie, pay attention to her styling at the Chanel show.


Jisoo‘s new hair, which was revealed on the day she left Korea for Paris, drove fans all over the world crazy! The two-tone hair and blonde tips she tried for the first time looked absolutely stunning on her. Even though she was wearing basic makeup and a mask, Jisoo’s goddess aura could not be covered up. At Dior’s Paris Fashion Week show, Jisoo went for a more radiant makeup look, focusing more on the eyes. She had a smooth yet subtle base makeup. She applied orange brown-toned eyeshadow that blends well with the slightly smudged eyeliner for a softer effect, and put glitter on the underline to add a highlight! And lastly, an MLBB lip color and neat straight middle part hair to make Jisoo’s elegant charm explode.

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