This famous actress doesn’t show any sign of a “golden spoon” even though both her maternal and paternal sides are rich

There is a saying that the real rich people don’t show at all.

There is a saying that the real rich people don’t show at all. In fact, Lee Boo-jin, CEO of Hotel Shilla, said that even her friends didn’t know that she was a member of the Samsung family. There is also a person in the entertainment industry who never says anything about her huge background.

She is actress Lee Min Jung.

Since her debut, she could have gotten the much-needed attention by promoting that she is a “daughter from a rich family,” but Lee Min Jung did not play that so-called “media play.”

Lee Min Jung, who made her debut in the play “The Poor People” in 2004, had to endure a long era of being nameless until she became known in the KBS2 drama “Boys Over Flowers” in 2009.

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In fact, Lee Min Jung’s family is so rich that she once ranked seventh in the “Golden Spoon Star” chart selected by Mnet’s “TMI NEWS.”

Most of Lee Min Jung’s family members are celebrities.

First of all, Lee Min Jung’s maternal grandfather is Park No Soo, the first generation painter in Korea.

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The late Park No-soo is the godfather of the art academia, and the first to win the Presidential Award from the Ministry of Oriental Painting, while Lee Min Jung’s mother’s house is registered as the No. 1 Cultural Heritage Material in Seoul. It is currently used as the Jongno-gu Museum of Art.

Lee’s aunts are also known as big names in the domestic art world. The public were surprised to hear that Lee’s uncles were former KAIST professors and researchers at the Korea Maritime Research Institute.

On the other hand, Lee Min Jung’s paternal grandfather was a senior judge. Her father is said to have been a senior executive at a major advertising company, who received hundreds of millions of won in salary.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Jung, who married actor Lee Byung Hun, continues to donate and practices a life of “Sharing is Caring”.

Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun couple spread their good influence last year by donating sanitary pads for vulnerable and low-income women.

When a forest fire broke out in Gangwon-do, the two officially donated 100 million won to help the affected residents.

For the poor children who suffered in the aftermath of the pandemic, the couple donated 100 million won without hesitation.

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