This drama drew attention even before its official broadcasts but ended with disappointing ratings

The rating of the TV series “Sponsor” once again fell to the lowest.

According to Nielsen Korea, an audience ratings research company, episode 8 of IHQ and MBN’s Wed-Thu drama ‘Sponsor‘, which aired on March 23, recorded a rating of 0.541%. (based on the number of households using cable TV nationwide).


It once again broke its own record of the lowest rating, which is lower than the previous lowest rating of 0.875% recorded in the 7th episode.


Sponsor‘, which started its first broadcast on February 23, suffered from the main actor’s allegations of abuse of power, replacement of writers and directors, broadcast postponement, etc. before its official broadcasts. 


Sponsor‘, which started with a rather low viewer rating of 1.166%, fell into a slump with 0% ratings from its 9th episode. It depicts a romantic love story between four men and women looking for a ‘sponsor’ to fulfill their desires, despite all means and ways to get what they want.


Lee Ji-hoon, Han Chae-young, Koo Ja-seong, and Ji Yi-soo take on the lead roles of the series. ‘Sponsor’ is aired every Wednesday and Thursday at 11 pm.

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