Hani “I and Kim Young Kwang were embarrassed when having to cuddle on the bed”

EXID Hani (real name Ahn Hee Yeon) revealed stories behind the filming of the drama “Call It Love”.

On March 25th, Hani‘s interview video was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Esquire Korea”.

When asked about “today’s TMI”, Hani smilingly said, “I was going to take a pictorial, so I worked out. I worked hard on my back. I wore a dress that exposed my back, and it was worth doing the back exercise.”


Hani delivered her recent status, “I worked a lot last year, so I thought I should take a little break this year. I traveled diligently as I thought.”

To the question “What did you think at first after receiving the script for ‘Fantasy Spot’?”, Hani confessed, “I really enjoyed reading the script. I thought it was so much fun, but I couldn’t help but worry about the level or things like that to make a choice. However, the script was so interesting that I wanted to try it.”


She also revealed stories behind the filming of Disney+’s original series “Call It Love”. Hani said, “In the drama, Kim Young Kwang and I are ex-lovers. We have a bad feeling about each other. Kim Young Kwang avoided me and I also avoided him on set. Suddenly, we had to film a flashback scene. We had to cuddle on the bed. I was so embarrassed. Kim Young Kwang must have been embarrassed too.”

Meanwhile, “Call It Love” starring Hani is a Disney+ original drama about a woman whose life goes downhill after finding out about her father’s affair and falling in love with his mistress’s son. Aside from Hani, Kim Young Kwang, Lee Sung Kyung, Sung Joon and Kim Ye Won appear. “Call It Love” has a total of 16 episodes.

Source: Nate

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