This actress, who disappeared for 5 years over marriage lawsuit, was surprisingly active in another realm

Actress Kim Jung Min, who was embroiled in a lawsuit with her former lover, is drawing attention with her new career. 

It has been 5 years since actress Kim Jung Min’s last appearance in an acting project, but as it turns out, she has been actively promoting under the stage name “DJ Mukthi”.

Recently, the actress, now known as DJ Mukthi, announced through her Instagram that she would participate in the 2022 World DJ Festival, which will be held at Jamsil Sports Complex, Seoul Olympic Auxiliary Stadium, in Songpa-gu, Seoul on August 13th.

In particular, at this event, Kim Jung Min will appear with her crew DJ M.I.C, which consists of herself (DJ Mukthi), Chayou, and Oh Hyun Jin (IZREAL). 

Previously in June, the absent actress revealed her current status as a DJ through a pictorial and interview with magazine bnt. 

At the time, Kim Jung Min said: “I approached the art of DJ as a hobby, but I wanted to learn more deeply, so I started in earnest.” 

She also added that she often studies music and performs on weekends, and that it is her dream to participate in various performances held overseas. 

Although currently active as a DJ, the actress is open to the possibility of returning to broadcasting, saying on SNS that: “Acting to me is something I can’t give up on, and I can’t wait to return to it.”

As time continues to flow, I will be happy now and live with my sincerity in what I can do now. Right now, I have no planned project. I really like it, so I’m working as a DJ,”  Kim Jung Min revealed. 

Kim Jung Min broke up with her ex-lover, a businessman in 2017, and has been engaged in a court battle ever since. At the time, the actress claimed that her former lover threatened to expose her private life to the media and distribute videos. 

Said lover was later sentenced to one year in prison, two years of probation for extortion, and a  160 million won fine in cash. After that, he filed a civil suit against Kim Jung Min for illegal acts under the pretext of marriage, and this lawsuit continued for over a year, before being settled with the withdrawal of both sides.

Kim Jung Min disappeared from the acting scene after this scandal, and only reappeared briefly in the SBS Plus entertainment program “Are You Eating Well” back in October 2019. 

Talking about this “dark period”, the actress said: “I was desperate. was determined to finish (the lawsuit) even if it became known to the world. But it was harsher than what I was prepared for.”

Source: wikitree

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