This actress made the director and staff cry because she acted so well in “Miss Baek”

Actress Jang young-nam impressed the audience with her acting skill in “Miss Baek”.

Jang Young-nam appeared as the mother of Baek Sang-ah (Han Ji-min), the main character of the 2018 movie “Miss Baek”. Director Lee Ji-won was worried that Jang Young-nam might not agree to appear in his movie as the offered role was not described in detail enough in the script due to her short screentime, but Jang Young-nam, after reading the script, said, “I understood the character at once,” expressing her intention to appear in “Miss Baek.”

Miss Baek

Although it was only a short appearance, Jang satisfied the production team by expressing the mother’s guilty feelings for hurting her daughter and trying to distance herself from her child. Since most of her scenes were tearful, Jang Young-nam mainly played emotionally sad scenes. Director Lee Ji-won said, “I was deeply moved by Jang Young-nam’s acting, which expresses the psychology of her character just by her face,” adding, “I cried along with her acting.”

Jang Young-nam

This was the same for the staff at the site, and even when during the editing process of the movie, the staff said they worked with the received footage in tears. For reference, Jang Young-nam showed her enthusiasm for “Miss Baek” to the extent that she personally acted in the scene where she appeared as a decomposed body at the beginning of the movie.

Source: Daum

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