This actress got hit by the director every time she made an NG scene when she was still unknown 

Actress Jeon So-min once revealed the past photos she used to post on Cyworld and sad stories of when she was an unknown actress.

Jeon So-min made a video of several old photos she collected on her old Cyworld account and uploaded it on her Instagram along with the caption “Taking a look at Cyworld”.

Jeon So-min’s youthful beauty in the pictures, which were taken from mid to late 2000s, impressed many netizens. Her unchanging distinctive facial features also made hot topics.

jeon so min

When “Running Man” members teased her choppy bangs, calling it a “fake NewJeans” style, Jeon So-min released her past photos to prove that she had done that hairstyle in the past, and the trend has only returned recently. 

In response to her past pictures, Internet users showed enthusiastic reactions, such as “She looks the same”, “Endless past photos from Cyworld”, “Emotional photos of those days”, etc.

jeon so min

In addition, Jeon So-min once appeared on tvN’s entertainment program “Live talkshow – Taxi” in 2015 and confessed about being unfairly treated by a director when she was still an unknown actress.

Jeon So-min revealed that she was cast as the main character of a one-act drama back then and the director always used harsh words when talking with her. Accordingly, the director hated her and hit her every time she made an NG scene. The actress said she tried to escape by calling a taxi in Gangwon-do, but got caught by the director and did not receive any money even after finishing the filming.

jeon so min

Jeon So-min played a supporting role in MBC’s one-act drama “Miracle” in 2004 when she was in her third year of high school. Spending 10 years acting as an unknown actress, Jeon So-min finally made her name widely known to the public through writer Im Sung-han’s drama “Princess Aurora”.

jeon so min

Later, she joined “Running Man” as a cast member and has proved her charms as well as her solid acting skills in various works, such as “Top Star U-back”, “Show Window: The Queen’s House”, “Hee-soo”, etc. 

cleaning up

Jeon So-min played the role of Ahn In-kyung, a service cleaner at a financial company who has a secret, in JTBC’s recently ended drama “Cleaning Up” and worked alongside Yum Jung-ah and Kim Jae-hwa. The viewers are looking forward to seeing what new appearances Jeon So-min will show in her future projects.

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