These two stars look good together but fans are relieved they are not together 

The behind-the-story moments and TMI of the movie “Space Sweepers”.

1. What is this movie’s real message? Is it a good world or the good people?

The actual message of the movie is the comparison between Chairman Sullivan (played by Richard Armitage)’s creation of a “good world” and the “good person” pursued by Tae-ho (Song Joong-ki).

Tae-ho, who was slaughtering innocent people as a child soldier, meets Su-ni and finds warmth in his heart, but later finds a good person hidden inside him through Kot-nim.

Space Sweepers

– On the other hand, Sullivan is a person who thinks that he must move forward unconditionally for the progress of a better world and humanity.

Is it a “good world” if one only moves forward? Or will the people left behind become “good people” who go with them? Director Cho Sung-hee said he focused on this part when writing the scenario and organizing the story.

2. Two stars who liked it because there was no love line between them.

When Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri were confirmed to be parts of the cast, many guessed that the two actors, who match so well in terms of their visuals, would appear in a love-line relationship.

However, in an interview with Singapore media before the release, Kim Tae-ri mentioned that there is no romance in this work and that her character is a very unique character.

Space Sweepers

Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri mentioned in an interview with the “Space Sweepers” cast that the relationship between men and women without romance and their professional characteristics seemed to have changed the gender role of men and women, which was so good and gave “Space Sweepers” a fresh character setting that only it could have.

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