The unexpected similarities of two popular idol groups BTS and TWICE

These are the similarities between BTS and TWICE you may not notice. 

TWICE and BTS are two of the most well-known idol groups of Kpop with huge and powerful fanbases. They also happen to bear several similarities throughout their careers. 

BTS and TWICE have unexpected similarities
BTS and TWICE have unexpected similarities

Released new music at the same time (ft. cute interactions)

JYP and HYBE have clashed TWICE and BTS’s comebacks several times. For example, when TWICE released “Cheer Up” on April 25, 2016, BTS released “Fire” only a few days later, on May 1, 2016. Their comeback title tracks even went head to head a few times such as Blood, Sweat & Tears and TT, Boy With Luv and Fancy.

BTS and TWICE’s comebacks often clash
BTS and TWICE’s comebacks often clash 

When BTS made a comeback with “Spring Day” and TWICE with “Knock Knock”, the two groups even had a joint backstage interview at Music Bank. Needless to say, their interactions made fans excited. TWICE members cheered for BTS enthusiastically when BTS introduced their song. Jeongyeon even knew the fanchant for “Spring Day”.

Although TWICE and BTS had overlapping promotions and competed for first place many times, most ONCEs and ARMYs stayed amicable and did not get into fan wars. And of course, those who are fans of both groups cannot be happier every time BTS and TWICE announce their comebacks at the same time. 

Not stopping there, many people are surprised by the relationship between the two groups when thinking that RM is the 10th member of TWICE. Specifically, when TWICE released the image for the album Formula of Love: O+T=<3, netizens couldn’t stop admiring the group’s scientist concept.

Coincidentally, at the same time, RM also released promotional images for DVD Season’s Greetings 2022. It is worth mentioning that the male idol also has a scientist image, which is very similar to TWICE‘s concept. At that time, many people joked that RM was a piece of the girl group TWICE.

In addition, Nayeon and V once had a noticeable interaction at the Golden Disc Awards 2020. Accordingly, the BTS member was performing but forgot his mission. Although the guy was reminded by the manager in the stands, he didn’t hear anything. Then, Nayeon standing nearby used her hand to signal for V. Thanks to that, the male idol had a smooth performance. At the same time, TWICE‘s eldest sister also received many compliments for her sophistication and friendliness.

Nayeon reminded V it was his turn to perform.

Controversial fashion sense

If you are a longtime K-pop fan, many of you probably know that both TWICE and BTS have been criticized. Not only receiving mixed comments about their talent and appearance, BTS was also repeatedly said to be ill-dressed. The HYBE boy group is often dressed in cumbersome and confusing outfits by stylists. They were criticized even when wearing branded clothes.

BTS's fashion sense is not appreciated.
BTS’s fashion sense is not appreciated. 

TWICE also once caused controversy with their fashion sense. Although the 9 girls all have outstanding looks, the stylists let them wear bad clothes that “drown” their figure. The JYP girl group was even criticized for their old-fashioned looks during the red carpet events.

TWICE also once caused controversy with their fashion sense

Organized the most successful North American tours

Despite receiving many criticisms, TWICE and BTS are currently two popular K-pop groups with successful North American tours. Recently, TWICE caused a buzz with the 4TH WORLD TOUR ‘III’ tour. TWICE became the girl group that had the most popular tour here. They were the first K-pop girl group to have 100,000 spectators attend the shows.

Up to now, this number is only achieved by BTS. The HYBE boy group once caused a stir as the Permission To Dance On Stage tour attracted 214,000 attendees in 4 shows.

Although they come from two different management companies, TWICE and BTS have a special connection that many people do not expect. In particular, the two groups that were once criticized but are now very successful with their North American tours.

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