The story behind the tense movie award ceremonies…

Although the first BSA ended successfully, it was interesting that behind the successful awards ceremony were interesting stories that were not included in the broadcast.

Some celebrities have worked hard to come to the award ceremony on time despite their busy schedule. In particular, celebrities with fixed schedules every Tuesday had to be tight-lipped all day to prepare for the schedule and attend the awards ceremony.

Lee Yong-jin has to participate in the recording for tvN’s “Comedy Big League” every Tuesday. Since the recording started at 7 pm in Sangam-dong, Seoul, there’s a good chance he won’t attend the awards ceremony. However, due to the consideration of “Comedy Big League,” Lee Yong-jin was able to catch two rabbits, record “Comedy Big League” and attend the awards ceremony. The gag part of Lee Yong-jin was decided to record in the last order. Lee Yong-jin considers both the award ceremony and the show precious. That’s why he was able to win the Popularity Award.

Yoo Jae-seok also rushed to Incheon after finishing the recording of Running Man, which was scheduled every Tuesday. In fact, as soon as the nominees for the Blue Dragon Series Awards were announced, Yoo Jae Suk was a star readily confirmed his participation. Rather than caring about whether or not he won the award, he participated happily to celebrate the 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards. In fact, throughout the awards ceremony, he gave enthusiastic applause and cheers to the winners.

The story of Jeon Hyun-moo and Lim Yoon-ah, the MCs of the main awards ceremony, and Jae-jae, the MCs of the red carpet, is also interesting. In particular, Lim Yoon-ah and Jae-jae participated in the recording of “Civilization Express” in the morning and attracted attention as MCs for the afternoon awards ceremony. In other words, the two ended their schedule for “Civilization Express” and went to the awards ceremony together. Jeon Hyun-moo also finished filming in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, and moved quickly and arrived safely at the awards ceremony. As soon as the three arrived at the event, they hurriedly prepared for the ceremony, from reading the MC script to rehearsing.

There were also stars who came across the sky road. ‘World Star’ Jeong Ho-yeon came to the Blue Dragon Series Awards despite having oversea schedules. Despite difficulties such as her long-distance flight and jet lag, she appeared at the awards ceremony with a wide smile. She also drew attention for taking care of the staff around her rather than herself. Even though she received the Rookie of the Year award on the same day, she even gave admiration to the ‘Squid Game’ crew rather than herself.

On the other hand, it was regrettable that some stars were caught up in COVID-19. The day before the awards ceremony, Lee Da-hee also showed symptoms after her family was confirmed to be Corona 19. She was immediately tested for PCR. However, she was forced to undergo isolation while waiting for the results. Da-hee Lee is an actress, but she was nominated for Best New Female Entertainer for her performance in ‘Single’s Inferno’, and received high expectations.

In fact, the stars attending the awards ceremony today are the hottest people,  so they have busy schedules. Thus, it is not easy for them to get together. However, to join the first Blue Dragon Series Awards, everyone was willing to reschedule and came the ceremony. Regardless of whether they won an award or not, everyone present that day was the main character.

Source: daum

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