The regrettable current status of “mini Won Bin”: quitted acting, now a fisherman

This former actor, who was once well-known as the “mini Won Bin”, is leading a completely different life. 

Back in the late 90s, Son Moo was a rather popular child actor, who boasted impressive acting skills and visuals similar to that of superstar Won Bin. He was praised for his high nose bridge and handsome face, and nicknamed the “mini Won Bin” despite debuting before his adult counterpart. Through works like “Always a Blue Heart”, “LA Arirang”, “Six Siblings”, “All About Eve”, and more, Son Moo was expected to become an A-list celebrity in the future. 

However, the audience now have never heard of Son Moo’s name. As it turns out, Son Moo only pursued acting for 7 years, before retiring at the peak of his career. When asked about his drastic decision to withdraw from acting, Son Moo shared: “I think that I’m simply not talented enough to be successful as an adult actor, so I decided to enlist. Unfortunately, my family stumbled into debt soon after.” 

son woo

As a result, Son Moo had to pay off an outstanding debut of 200 million won in his 20s, and by his 30s, the former actor was already debt-free. Apparently, he had to work 20 hours a day to manage this seemingly impossible feat. 

Son Moo previously opened a hawker food stall in Dongdaemun, but as the street was replanned, hawkers were banned. After marrying and having his own family, he switched to selling handbags, dedicating his entire being into the business, and earning a hefty sum. Now, Son Moo is reportedly working at the Sacheon port and running a fishing ship. 

son woo
Son Woo is now a fisherman

The audience now finds the current appearance of this “mini Won Bin” unrecognizable, as the hardships in his life made Son Wo more rugged and worn-out. However, the former actor expressed that he has no regrets, and is satisfied with his current life. 

son woo

“Life in Seoul is extremely harsh. It’s tough to be a fisherman and off-shore all the time, but I personally believe that it’s better for my mind. That’s why I fall in love with the ocean,” Son Moo said in an interview.

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