“Street Woman Fighter 2” announces lineup: 8 ‘global’ crews who worked with aespa, BTS, Justin Bieber

Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter 2” finally unveiled the lineup of 8 dance crews from all over the world and the first mission.

At noon on June 23rd, the Youtube channel “The CHOOM” and Mnet Plus announced the notice of a global evaluation called “K-POP Death Match Mission” for “Street Woman Fighter 2” and also revealed the lineup of 8 crews. Season 2 boasts a more diverse lineup with JAM REPUBLIC, TSUBAKILL, 1MILLION, Deep N DAP, BEBE, MANNEQUEEN, WOLF’LO, and LADYBOUNCE, raising fans’ expectations.


One notable change in this season is that it has expanded globally. First, “Worldwide Avengers Crew” JAM REPUBLIC will join “Street Woman Fighter” this time. JAM REPUBLIC is a real global crew that has worked with global stars, such as Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Ciara, and Jennifer Lopez. Led by Kirsten, a former member of the world-renowned dance crew Royal Family, the team is expected to showcase powerful dancing on the stage.

Next, the crew TSUBAKILL with talented dancers who are named ‘dancing gods’ in Japan, also made their appearance this season. TSUBAKILL is famous as the crew of renowned Japanese choreographer Akane. Anticipation is high for the outstanding Japanese dancers who are in charge of the performances of major artists like Janet Jackson, Namie Amuro, and Kimura Takuya.


1MILLION, led by famous choreographer Lia Kim, who has created choreography for top Korean artists, such as Lee Hyori, TWICE, Sunmi, MAMAMOO, and Hwasa, also appeared in the lineup of “Street Woman Fighter 2”. The crew has gained global recognition for their exceptional skills, and their solid presence promises to live up to viewers’ expectations.

Led by Mina Myeong, Deep N DAP, which gained popularity by creating impressive performances for MAMAMOO, Red Velvet, Jessi, etc., is also worth looking forward to. From being an exclusive pair dancer for BTS Jimin and choreographer for new girl groups that charted on Billboard, the dancers of Deep N DAP have recently shaken the dancer world in Korea.

Street Woman Fighter 2

BEBE, which has captivated the MZ Generation with their unique dances, is known to have choreographed for aespa’s “Next Level”, “Illusion”, “Savage”, as well as Kai and CL’s songs. Led by dancer Bada, who has worked with many K-pop artists, BEBE is one of the hottest crews at the moment.

WOLF’LO is an original street hip-hop dance crew. Consisting of real hip-hop dancers with unrivaled dance skills, the dancers will heat up the stage this season with their girl crush charm and powerful hip-hop vibe. The participation of MANNEQUEEN, which consists of world-class street dance geniuses who can master various genres, such as waacking, hip-hop, krump, etc., is also highly anticipated.

Lastly, LADYBOUNCE is known as an all-rounder crew capable of various dancing styles. They will showcase their unique presence as the crew with the longest history of 15 years in Korea. The perfect chemistry of the five members and their trendy concepts will captivate viewers of “Street Woman Fighter”.

The production team stated, “We are preparing for a more explosive dance battle this summer. We hope you look forward to the ‘world-class’ stages of the 8 dance crews who will shine brightly through ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’”.

Street Woman Fighter 2

The hip-hop label H1GHR MUSIC will be in charge of managing the 8 crews of “Street Woman Fighter 2” and promoting the dancers in all activities, including entertainment programs.

As the 8 crews of “Street Woman Fighter 2” are finally unveiled, the global public evaluation for the “K-POP Death Match Mission” will begin starting from June 23rd. In this mission, the crews compete with each other by performing K-POP representative hit songs. The global public evaluation will end on the 26th at 12:00 p.m., and the final results will be determined based on the views and likes of videos on “The CHOOM”, as well as votes through the Mnet Plus platform.

“Street Woman Fighter 2” will premiere on August 22nd.

Source: Naver

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