“If the series was on a terrestrial channel, there would have been multi-balm,” The reason why “Woo Young-woo” has no PPL controversy

Netizens are paying keen attention to the reason why the ENA drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” has no controversy over PPL.

PPL means “product placement,” which is used to talk about brands putting their products into drama scenes for indirect advertisement. As the popularity of “Woo Young-woo” increased, there is a post that is going viral on Twitter saying, “Why Woo Young-woo doesn’t have PPL.” “Thanks to KT’s investment of 20 billion won and airing on ENA, there is no scene in the drama where they go to work applying multi-balm and eat lunch at S Sandwich,” it said.

extraordinary attorney woo

This post is aiming at other channel dramas that have made the audience uncomfortable with their excessive PPL.

Netizens praised the Tweet, saying, “Honestly, I thought the gimbap restaurant was PPL, but it wasn’t,” “If you look at the ending credit, you can see the PPL brands, but those came out so naturally in the drama,” “Some did seem like PPL, but it didn’t bother me and looked quite natural.”

Source: wikitree

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